Whatcha think about Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm?

I have an abundance of lip products, like most girls. But one collection seems to dominate and that is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm.
Every single colour is extremely pigmented, creamy and minty which I enjoy. They are very long-lasting with an abundance of colour options that compliment my skin tone.
revlon colorburst matte balm
I first heard about the Matte Balms through YouTuber LeighannSays. I was pretty much sold on the formula after watching her review but once I bought my first colour in 210 Unapologetic, I was so impressed I almost immediately went out to purchase 240 Striking, 220 Showy and 225 Sultry. Of all 6 I own, Sultry is my absolute favorite (weird since I am always immediately attracted to bold colours).
Unapologetic is a bright, neon pink that works amazingly as a statement lip.
Striking is an orange-based red that is also very bright but wearable.
Showy is a beautiful pale lilac colour which isn’t very common but looks great.
Sultry is a dark dusty rose colour and the most neutral of my Matte Balms.
After some time, I also bought the colour Leighann initially raved about, 250 Stand Out and 215 Shameless. I must admit, Shameless isn’t really my thing but it is something different.
Stand Out is a perfect deep red with blue undertones. Very classy, in my opinion.
Shameless is a deep bright violet colour. I find it is the hardest to pull off.

Have you ever tried the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm?

Which colour is your favourite?

Til next time, ttfn x


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