Nail Polish Picks for Fall 2014

Tuesday was the first day of the season and that means new clothes, accessories and polish picks (my favourite!). I am in love with autumn colours because they feel so warm and inviting. It reminds me of cuddling by a fire or something.
Typically though, when you think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind would be Thanksgiving and Halloween. You also may think of the piles and piles of leaves you’re about to rake… Maybe that’s just me.
2014 nail polish picks for fall
PS, please ignore the label on Green On The Runway. I label the small OPI polishes I have so I don’t forget their names.
Anyways, the colour I always immediately associate with fall is a burnt orange like On Parade by Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength. I am not sure if this colour is available still, but it is one of my favourite. It is a burnt orange, as I said, with a bit of a shine.
sally hansen diamond strength on parade
Autumn also makes me think of deep greens. I don’t know if that’s just me, but anyways. Here, I have two completely different greens, both OPI.
Green On The Runway from the recent Coca Cola collection is a dark earthy green with a red metallic shine when the light hits it. I think it was meant to represent Sprite.
On a much brighter note, Amazon Amazoff from the OPI Brazil Collection is a deep turquoise colour with an amazing formula. It is a creme colour unlike the other two, but it stands out flawlessly.
OPI green on the runway and amazon amazoff
Lastly, fall means very warm neutrals. I haven’t ever really been into neutral nails until recently when I discovered OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa, but these aren’t your typical neutrals.
First, Sally Hansen’s Angel Bite is a dark red. It’s slightly brighter than a burgundy and works amazingly well on Halloween.
Lastly is a colour I never would have imagined that I would wear as it seems like such a boring nail colour, but this soft brown is amazing. OPI’s A-Piers To Be Tan from their San Francisco Collection in Fall 2013. I haven’t worn it much (as I couldn’t get into brown and nude nails for a long time), but I obsessed over it until I got it for Christmas last year.
opi a peirs to be tan and sally hansen angel bite
I am so excited to really wear all of these colours this October/November! In fact, I’m already wearing A-Piers To Be Tan.
Note: all polishes swatched are 2 coat with no base or top coat.

What colours will you be wearing?

Which is your favourite polish?

Til next time, ttfn x


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