How to be a Mermaid

My favourite thing about any costume are the small details like, in this case, the nails. Being a huge lover of nail polish, I can’t very well have naked nails on Halloween!
With Halloween fast approaching, I have decided to do tutorials that will add that little extra touch to your costume every Friday in October! As a bonus, I’ve put together some beachy nails that could be used for a mermaid perhaps? You be the judge!
mermaid nails
As a mermaid, you want something light and shiny so immediately, I have the perfect combination in mind: OPI’s The Living Daylights as my sparkle with Sally Hansen’s Dune, Dive In and Debora Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream.
OPI's The Living Daylights, Sally Hansen's Dune, Dive In and Debora Lippman's Mermaid's Dream.
As you can see, I used Dune as a base on all of my nails, and on my ring finger, added 2 coats of The Living Daylights. I always have to have an accent nail.
OPI's The Living Daylights with Sally Hansen's Dune
On the rest of my nails, I drew half moons with Dive In first than Mermaids Dream for a bit of extra sparkle.
Sally Hansen's Dive In and Debora Lippman's Mermaid's Dream
The colours go together flawlessly and even the names are beachy!

Do you coordinate your nails with your Halloween costume?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Til next time, ttfn x


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