Classic & Simple Halloween Nails

I wanted to start off this series with the easiest and most classic Halloween pattern: Orange and black nails. If you prefer simple nails or even just aren’t a fan of textured polish or nail wraps, these are a easy alternative compared to the designs coming.
The general consensus I feel is that the perfect Halloween orange is Sally Hansen’s hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed. Sun Kissed is a beautiful pale but bright orange colour with a bang on formula. I believe it is still available wherever Sally Hansen is sold.
Paired with it is a very opaque black with small glitter throughout. This is Claire’s Cosmetics nail polish in Galaxy. This is a fantastic formula that only requires 2 coats and no top coat (though I always put some on anyways). It is absolutely gorgeous paired together and really feels Halloween-y without needing any further nail art.
If you do like something extra, it would be a fantastic idea to add a Jack’o’lantren design on the orange nails. If you do this, tag me on Instagram because I would LOVE to see!

What kind of nail art do you plan to wear for Halloween?

Do you prefer nail art or straight colour?

Til next time, ttfn x


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