Crime Scene Nails

Happy 1 week closer to Halloween!
This weeks nail tutorial is much more gruesome than last weeks Simple and Classic Halloween nails. They were inspired by a picture I can no longer find on Pinterest (update: it was actually Instagram!) which used a matte black base with a vivid silver finger print on top of each nail.
Though that looked awesome, I wanted to create more of a bloody crime scene look for Halloween, but the possibilities with the colours and finishes are endless: matte white with a textured black finger print would look so awesome too!
crime scene fingerprint manicure
Anyways, a few tips before we start: although this is straight forward, it may take some practice. What worked best for me was to put a few drops of polish onto a thick piece of card and dip my pinky finger in, swirl it around a bit, than dab it again on a clean surface before touching my nail.
I used my pinky so it would fit properly on each nail and I tried to use the most detailed part of my pinky so it was a recognizable fingerprint.
As I said, the colour combinations are endless, but I went with OPI’s Alpine Snow as a base (2 coats) and than a mixture of OPI’s Big Apple Red and Revlon’s Vixen. Not sure whether that colour still exists, but any deep dark red would do.
opi alpine snow, revlon vixen, opi big apple read
When I mixed the two, I didn’t mix too well so that the ‘blood’ looks more realistic. You can do single print like I have on my thumb nail or a couple for more texture and less contrast.

What polish would you use?

Til next time, ttfn x


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