Spider Web Nail Art

It’s week 3 of the Halloween nail art tutorials! Have you tried any? I would love to see!
opi today i accomplished zero and alpine snow
This week is simple but neat in that there is texture, sparkle and a simple design. Starting with OPI’s Today I Accomplished Zero from the Coca Cola Collection as a base on every finger. This is a sheer black polish laced with very bright red sparkles throughout. Because the black is a bit sheerer, the more you layer the polish, the more red glitter you can see.
The glitter is also pretty thick in comparison to others I have seen and gives the nail a slight bit of texture while the glitter gives you shine. If you want your design to stand out, this is when you would want to put on a top coat.
opi alpine snow and today i accomplished zero
Note: I drew the web then used a top coat afterwords.
On the accent nail, I took OPI’s Alpine Snow (also used in my last tutorial as a base) and drew a simple web. If you’re not confident enough to draw directly on your nail, try on paper first. Start at the base of the nail and draw between 4-5 lines towards all edges of your nail. To do this, I have e.l.f.’s eyeliner brush. If you want really opaque white lines, coat your brush with more polish and go over a few times. The trick is not to make the lines too thick though!
spider web nail art halloween
Between the lines, draw small, slightly curved lines to connect it all together! The point is not to be too neat! It is a web, of course.
If you do want to seal it with a top coat, wait a while for the web to completely dry (or you will end up with white streaks). Done!
I really enjoyed these nails and they were very simple. You could add to the web with spider nail stickers for even more detail but I decided against it!

Have you got your Halloween Costume figured out yet?

Which nails are your favourite so far?

Til next time, ttfn x


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