Whatcha Think About OPI Coca Cola Collection?

It’s no secret that OPI is my favourite nail polish brand (promise I will cool down on the OPI polish soon! Maybe…) but as much as I love OPI, when I first heard about the Coca Cola collection, my hopes weren’t very high. I was expecting a red like the several I already own, a dark brown or maybe a black, and that’s about it. Admittedly, not being a big fan of Coke probably didn’t help much.
Once I started looking at the polishes and swatches, my opinion did a 180. They did include an iconic red, of course, but two completely unexpected colours made me fall in love with the whole thing!
opi coca cola collection
I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to products and I am a big believer in sampling a product before taking the plunge. One of my favourite things about OPI are the mini’s! It gives you the chance to test the colours and formula of all or most of a collection before buying the full bottle PLUS they are an amazing price! I buy a lot of my OPI products through NailPolishCanada.com (as well as all of the Lime Crime Lipsticks I have).
Back to the colours and formula! Most of the polishes are a opaque creme, which are fantastic. 2 coats and done! The two metallic colours are also very opaque and beautiful and then there are 2 glitters, one of which I haven’t tried.
today i accomplished zero
Starting with the one glitter I do have, Today I Accomplished Zero is a unique glitter that screens Halloween to me! The black is semi-sheer making the red glitter shine through no matter how much you put on! Check out my Spider Web Nails using this polish 😉
opi a grape affair
A Grape Affair is fantastic. One of my favourite colours, so of course I enjoy it! This is a deep purple, slightly brighter than I expected when on the nails. It is a perfect plummy fall colour.
opi get cherried away
Get Cherried Away absolutely blew me away. I adore this deep magenta colour and have since purchased the full size. This is one of the two that made me swoon for this collection (can you blame me?!)
opi coca cola red
Coca Cola Red is a bright and spot on red. No matter how thick, it doesn’t change into a darker, ‘bloodier’ looking red. It looks fantastic and classic.
opi sorry im fizzy today
Sorry I’m Fizzy Today is a beautiful salmon peachy pink. Very opaque and a bit pale, but absolutely amazing.
opi green on the runway
Green on the Runway was one of my Fall picks, and for a great reason! It is mostly green but has some beautiful rusty copper through it.
opi my signature is dc
My Signature is “DC” is a really fantastic silver. It is very foiled and shines beautifully. I enjoy using this polish for designs since it stands out from any polish you combine it with.
opi You're So Vain-illa
My favourite colour (most shockingly) is You’re So Vain-illa. Gorgeous nude! It is simply the perfect nude for my skin tone.
opi coca-cola collection
The only colour not included in the 10 pack is Orange You Frantastic! which is the other glitter in the collection. Very Halloween-y as well!
You do get in it’s place a Nail Envy and Top Coat from OPI – both lovely but not my favourite.

Which colour is your favourite?

Which is your favourite OPI collection?

Til next time, ttfn x


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