Blood Spatter Nails

There are probably my favourite nails I have ever done. They are creepy and easy and are perfect for any bloody Halloween look. I actually have used two different techniques for these as I first did them last year as you can see on Instagram.
Warning: extremely messy. For both methods, you will need paper towel, tape for your fingers and nail polish remover.
opi you're so vain-illa, big apple red, sally hansen dune
To do these nails last year, I painted a nude base and took a small spray bottle – it does have to be small like a perfume travel size spray bottle which I had from Sally’s Beauty Supply – and add 5-6 drops of your blood red polish. This technique gives you a lot of small-medium splatters and is much easier to control. I personally prefer this method, but as most people don’t just have a mini spray bottle to use for nail polish blood splatter, I checked out a second technique this year.
blood splater manicure
Again painting a nude base, I poured some red polish onto a non-absorbent surface, dipped my straw in and sucked the polish up the straw a bit. Then very quickly blow the polish onto your fingernails. 1-2 blows usually will get all of your nail polish out of the straw. I do not like this method as it isn’t easy to control and I feel like it wastes nail polish. Also to inhale the polish fumes through a straw – that really isn’t a great idea. I find this gives for a more stringy splatter as well as you can see.
opi you're so vain-illa, big apple red, sally hansen dune
For both years, I used OPI’s Big Apple Red and as a base, I used Sally Hansen’s Dune (last year) and OPI’s You’re Do Vain-illa (this year). I strongly recommend that if you want this polish to last, paint on a top coat before you do your blood spatter. I don’t know if it is because of the polish I used or because of the colour, but it gets pretty smudged.
smudged blood splater nail
That’s it! 4 weeks of Halloween nails! I hope you enjoyed!

Which nails were your favourite?

Are you celebrating Halloween this weekend?

Til next time, ttfn x


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