October 2014 Favourites & Unfavourites

I have been a little bit all over the place this month with my picks, but trust me, I’ve loved them all! Unlike last month, I have a whole lot to say about these products so bare with me!
Starting with skin care, I have one product I loved and one I didn’t. First off, I have never tried anything from Kate Somerville but with one of my many Sephora orders, I got a sample of Kate Somerville
HydraClear™ Hydrating Acne Gel and let me tell you, it is flawless. I constantly deal with acne and this stuff practically diminished every spot I had overnight! It was also hydrating but didn’t make me any oilier. That’s a biiiig plus in my books.
On the other hand, up until now, I have really enjoyed the First Aid Beauty products I have tried before but this one which I had tried over the past month was pretty disappointing. In Sephora’s aisle-of-doom as I call it, there was a ‘mini’ pack of the First Aid Beauty Facial Radience pads. My assumption with this product was that it was a mix of a toner and exfoliater (as it says on the lid). In theory, it makes sense then why it stung my eyes so badly – let me tell you, it only happened once. It also had a weird odour that was off putting. The thing I disliked the most though is that it really didn’t do much for my skin. Actually, I found that my skin became a little dry around my nose, cheeks and any breakouts. I am really oily usually so the fact that I was getting dry patches is unheard of.
For the random things I’ve been enjoying (make up is next, I swear), I have really loved pickles. I have been a little obsessed whether they are on my burger or Instagram. I am a bit of a fanatic.

About half way through this month, I did a little bit of candle shopping and picked up the Bath and Body Works candle, London Calling. It’s a tea and lemon scent and I love it. It is so calming and relaxing. I think I may just be a fan of lemon because I have also just about burnt through Lemon Mint Leaf by B&BW too. Oops!
Onto clothing, I have been really into long sleeves (as any Ontarian would when the weather turns chilly), but I started obsessing over warm and loose sweaters since about August. Obviously at that point, I would have been crazy to wear them, but now that we have gone below 10 degrees, I would say it’s ok.

I have 3 cosmetic favourites and all are from MAC. Since the store opened in my area, I have been a tad obsessed. First, a classic that I have been using so often is MACs Vanilla Pigment. I don’t even think I have to rave about this one; there are enough people to do that for me. I will say I used it just about every day this month and it really is gorgeous. Pictures do not do it justice.

Next up, this beautiful lipstick from the Rocky Horror collection: FrankNFurter. Perfect red is all I have to say. I have been mixing it, wearing it by itself and admiring it from afar.

Initially, I had debated purchasing this product when it first came out. When I was recently on MACS website, however, it was still available and I took the plunge. I think the packaging is adorable too for this whole Simpsons collection. It looks a bit intimidating at first, but I have mixed it with practically every colour I own and it constantly adds a little something to my lip.

Lastly, nails! In general, I have been really feeling green nail polish. I had alternated quite a bit this month with my nails because of Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and my sudden obsession with greens! Specifically, I used L’oreal The Temptress’ Touch and OPI’s Green On The Runway (from the OPI Coca Cola Collection).

I also tried to revisit my Orly Matte top coat, but came to the same conclusion as usual: I really don’t like it. It goes on fine, looks great for the first few hours, but after that, it isn’t matte anymore or my nails are chipped. I think it may finally be time for me to toss this and look for an alternative.

What is your favourite matte top coat?

What have you loved this month?

Til next time, ttfn x


2 thoughts on “October 2014 Favourites & Unfavourites

  1. Love that you’re posting the un-favourites too. I have only tried the hand cream by the First Aid Beauty brand – it was okay, I wouldn’t buy it again and I didn’t really like the smell of it.

    I haven’t bought a pigment – ever. I always wanted to buy the “melon” pigment by MAC a few years ago, but never did. Then again I guess I’m glad I didn’t because I rarely wear eyeshadow, ha!

    Omg that green nail polish. o__O… that’s all. 🙂

    Omg have you tried NYC matte top coat? I’m not sure how expensive ORLY is but NYC (avail at Walmart, is $1.97! #BigSpender)


    1. I have seen the Melon pigment before! Its really nice. I have 2 1/2 pigments and i quite like them!
      Will have to take a look at the NYC Matte Top Coat. Orly was maybe $8? I only own 2 of their polishes. I ahould have looked while i was at Target today! Next time 🙂


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