The Autumn Tag [Part 2]

A few weeks ago, I was tagged by PinkLemonadeBeauty to do the Autumn Tag. Soon after, I found a part two on AmberUnglamour’s blog with different but awesome questions, so I thought it was time for a follow up! Since it is my favourite season, I have a lot more to say.

1. Favourite autumn color?
My very favourite colour is deep dark purple which I associate with the fall (like in the picture below), but a more traditional fall colour would be orange. I love these colours for outfits, accessories, decor and makeup.

2. Favorite Halloween/Thanksgiving movies?
I don’t really have a Thanksgiving movie, but during Halloween, I prefer to watch scary movies – whatever I have at the time or something new. I also tend to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show (especially this year with the 40th Anniversary and MAC line).

3. Red or plum lipstick?
I love the look of both, but red suits my skin tone far better. There are a few shades of purple that I do love though as you can see in my Top 3 Purple Lips post. Let me know if you’re interested in a Top 3 Red Lips post!

4. Candle scent?
I haven’t found my signature fall scent yet, but there are several that I love. As you saw in my September Favourites post, I love the sweet smell of Bourbon Butterscotch by Bath and Body Works. It wouldn’t be fall without a pumpkin scent too, my favourite of which is Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun also by Bath and Body Works.


5. Favourite Halloween costume?
Of the Halloween costumes I’ve worn, I really haven’t had one that stand’s out. Most years, I have recycled my costume or gone in a group. This year, I transformed from Barbie by day to Baby at night. Of course, since Halloween I have come up with a list of ‘perfect’ costumes though. Next year, hopefully I will find ‘the one’.

6. Favourite foods?
With it being Thanksgiving and with Christmas on the way, my favourite thing to bring back on the menu are potatoes! It’s usually too hot in the summer for me to even think about cooking full meals, so when the cold comes, the added benefit of standing by a hot stove and making potatoes is awesome, not to mention delicious. This is also about the 2nd or 3rd year of me being a big fan of stew and soup!

7. Natural or straight hair?
I really am not sure why this is an autumn question, but my hair is quite straight to begin with. I do plan to play around with my hair texture more this season as my hair will be down more frequently.

8. #1 autumn accessory?
Tights and scarfs and boots, oh my! In my first Autumn Tag, I mentioned that I mainly accessorize with scarfs but I love all 3 equally. I am starting to build my tight and boot collection up now that I am wearing them more and more! Check out my new boots from Urban Planet!


9. Favorite sweater?
Last year, my favourite sweater was a large, grey mens sweater that I believe I bought at Boat House. It is very heavy and I would love to wear it belted to work all year. This year, however, I have gone a little sweater crazy (as my friends and family know, my most used phrase is “That looks so comfy!” and then I buy it in every colour) so I can’t pick yet!

10. Pumpkin or pecan pie?
I am not a big pie fan, but the two I LOVE are cherry and pumpkin! Put a side of vanilla ice cream and I couldn’t be happier!

That’s it for the Autumn Tag Part 2! Answer your fav questions below or link me to your blog so I can read the answers there!

Til next time, ttfn x


4 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag [Part 2]

  1. OOOOH I’m going to answer these in your comments and make my comment extra extra long.

    Fav autumn colour is probably the Dior polish called “Spring” (I know, doesn’t make sence that it’s called Spring, but we’ll go with it). It’s a nice smokey purple… different than the one you have by OPI but ugh, I just love it.

    Fav halloween movie: maybe Hocus Pocus?

    RED lipstick! Though, plum if it’s the right shade.

    Candle scent: I only like a few candle scents. Right now I have this one from World Market that smells like peony flowers.

    Fav halloween costume: Mary Katherine Gallagher, remember that? Lol.

    Fav foods: potatoes + gravy, asparagus, carrots, chicken.

    Straight hair!

    Autumn accessory for me: a scarf. I love scarves. Or boots.

    My fav sweater… hmm. Good question.

    #10. Um, neither.


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