Remembrance Day Nails & A Review

As much as I adore nail polish, I haven’t dabbled in the Nail Art too much. Not when it actually comes to dotting and drawing, anyways. There are so many ideas I’ve had but haven’t executed purely due to lack of tools. However, that’s not a problem anymore! Introducing Sally Hansen’s I Heart ❤️Nail Art tool kit. $4.99 CDN at Target, this mini tool set gives a beginner the basics.

It comes with:
A double ended dotting tool;
A short brush;
A long brush;
And a stencil.

To test out these tools, I decided to try my hand at making a poppy accent nail for Remembrance Day. I used more so the pin as inspiration than the actual flower.

To start, I painted my base colour. I chose Thanks A Windmillion by OPI which you saw in my haul post back in October. After two coats of that, I used a top coat before trying the nail art.

For the poppy, I used OPI again in Big Apple Red which you can tell I use a lot. I started by using the larger dotting tool and making little hearts. To clean it up, I took the smaller brush and smoothed the edges out. For the centre, I took a small black jewel from another SH I ❤️ Nail Art kit. Once the red polish was dry, I put a bit of a top coat on, but I tried to dot it rather than paint it so the red didn’t smudge. I did end up doing another layer of top coat to smooth out any imperfections.

I did try to do the poppy with just the small brush as well which was much messier but if you do need to touch up, it isn’t hard. I used the smaller brush and came back in with some of the green until I was happy with the shape.
That’s it! I am excited to finally have these tools in a super inexpensive and convenient kit. They are mini and easy to work with! If you’re interested in nail art, I do recommend it highly!

What are you doing for Remembrance Day?

Til next time ttfn x

Note: all opinions are my own. I was not provided with any of the products used, I am just really excited!


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