Top 5 Beauty YouTubers

Especially in the past 2 years, I have been heavily into the YouTube scene (as a viewer). It started with vlogs and comedy channels, but as I got into makeup, I have moved on to watching exclusively make up tutorials, favourites videos and product reviews. Needless to say, I have spent way too many hours on the internet but that just meakes for an experienced opinion, right?
Anyways, in no specific order, my fav’s:

If you haven’t heard of this New Zealand YouTuber, you haven’t looked hard enough. On top of her adorable accent and make up expertise, she is very down to earth and honest seeming (let’s not forget beautiful while we’re at it!). She does a variety of looks and is very tutorial and review based. I especially enjoy her bold eye looks. She has a line of eyelashes and make up brushes to boot!

Vintage Or Tacky
Speaking of Shaaanxo, I found VintageOrTacky when she did a group collaboration going through the decades of iconic makeup looks. I pretty much instantly fell in love. She is a professional make up artist and is incredible at what she does. Also very review based, she also dabbles in plus sized fashion which I haven’t seen in many other beauty gurus.

Amy Lynn Thompson
I found Amy by searching nail polish reviews, more specifically OPI Collection reviews. She is best known for these but also the classic ipsy vs BirchBox videos. She is an avid OPI polish buyer which is what initially drew me in, but I really like her video style and love of all polish! She also does frequently go beyond polish into cosmetics, hair and sometimes food too!

Leighann Says
LeighannSays was my very first beauty youtuber ever. Honestly, I can’t recall how I came by her channel but I have been watching her for quite some time now (through 3 moves I think). She has the most variety between the 5 I have mentioned from unboxings to tutorials to favourites to hauls and everything else. What initially drew me in was that she uses mainly drug store products which isn’t the case for a lot of other YouTubers (except for my #5 youtube channel which is…)

Eleventh Gorgeous
Similar to LeighannSays, the sisters of EleventhGorgeous have a lot of variety and drug store make up, but with a whole lot of different videos too. Particularity, I love their hair tutorials, how NOT to do your makeup looks, and haul videos. I love their cheesey jokes and honest opinions.

I should mention, I follow a huge abundance of other beauty channels as well and beyond that, I have watched many others and simply dislike quite a few of the more popular beauty gurus.

Is there anyone else I should check out?

Do you follow these 5 already?

Til next time, ttfn x


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