November Haul: Everything else

As the seasons change and the holidays are within our sights, every store is coming out with new products whether they are scents or styles or bundles. Amazingly enough, most places are also getting rid of older stock. This combination makes this the most wonderful time of the year. Fall and Winter scents, colours and deals are sent from the heavens, I swear.
Let’s start with scents! If you weren’t aware, I am fond of candles. They are relaxing and can very easily change your mood. My absolute favourite candle in the world comes out this season and how could I resist? Cherries On Snow from Yankee Candle is the perfect amount of sweet. It is so scented that you don’t have to have it lit and it fills the room. Obviously, if you’re not a cherry fan, this is not the candle for you, but if you’re into fruity scents, buy this now while it’s still available!

Along side Cherries On Snow, I bought two small jars on sale (BOGO, I believe). Pictured below is Cranberry Chutney and if you follow me on Instagram, you would know I have already been burning Harvest. Both smell divine and very fall appropriate, though I will be saving Cranberry Chutney to use in the winter.


At Bath and Body Works, I bought even more candles. Being a sucker for sales, this was a 2 for $25.50 purchase that B&BW frequently does. I believe ‘Tis The Season is one they brought back, but Tailgate may be new. ‘Tis the Season is rather cinnamony and Christmasy. It is very warming. Obviously, Tailgate is a autumn scent but if I am being honest, it smells like cologne which I do not mind. If you’re into the more manly smelling candles as I am, this or Black Tie are right up your ally.




I did do a little shopping at Sally’s and S & H Health Foods (yes, a health food store for beauty). I went with my fiancé with the goal of getting Coconut Oil. I had used some of hers for make up removal a few weeks ago and it made my eyes feel fantastic. Random, I know. Plus, it can be used for just about anything, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to grab some.
I had also heard a whole lot of raving about Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil in the past for acne and general pore cleansing. They had a toner there with both combined and I figured I should give it a try. I had also heard in the past about using a spray bottle for toners and using a cotton pad to wipe off the excess, so with this in mind, we headed to Sally’s. I purchased a mini spray bottle to put the Witch Hazel and Tea Tree toner in. While there, I grabbed a new a face scrub brush since I lost mine since moving. I loved how my skin felt when I used it. While I was there, I figured it was only right I look at the OPI polish. I ended up with I Saw… You Saw… We Saw… Warsaw which I put on right away.




A midstall of this, I placed an order for a few random tings on Let me first say, I was so impressed with their shipping. Ordered November 1st, a Saturday, and it was at my door November 4th, the Tuesday. I don’t think I have ever had anything come so fast! Anyways, to the products. I wanted to try something new, and with that in mind, I went straight for the lashes. I ended up getting 3 pairs of Red Cherry Lashes #106, #118 and #523. They are similar styles, which is of course the style I like. Dramatic.
I also bought a Lip Love Lip Conditioning Stick from LippyGirl. I’ve heard of them before and did a bit of digging. They are all natural and do no animal testing. Both pluses in my book. So far, I LOVE the smell.
I took a quick look at the brushes because I noticed they had a good selection and I am so glad I did! They had the Real Techniques Beauty Blender Sponge that I had been searching for. I have heard great things, but couldn’t find it. Here it is, and I am going to give it a try soon (and maybe review it a little?)
I also decided to try the elf eyeshadow blending brush. I am in love with my Mirabella blending brush and have been on a mission to find more like it. This one, upon receiving it, won’t compete. I can foresee it being great for a wide range of other effects though.
That’s it for my random products haul this month! I have been loving just about everything I have tried so far and I hope you loved reading about it!

Til next time, ttfn x


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