Demeter Fragrance 2014 Holiday Collection

Last Tuesday in my Everything Else Haul, I mentioned that Fall/Winter was the most wonderful time of the year based on the scents, colours and deals. Even last Friday in my November Favourites, I talked about my latest fragrance fav. I must be loving my nose lately because today, we are gonna talk all about yet anther fragrance. Specifically, the Demeter Fragrance Library**.
You may have heard of Demeter and all of their unique and amazing fragrances. I know I first heard of the brand through ipsy (perhaps you received the Pixie Dust Roll On Perfume Oil sample in November?). You know just by looking at their website that they have a very wide variety of scents that are different from anything else. Since Winter really does hold so many fantastic memories for me, I was most intrigued by Snow.

As a child, my days were very often spent hanging out with my cousins at my grandparents house. My grandma would babysit at least 4 of us during holidays or on the weekend or if we just wanted to visit. The coolest thing about winters at my grandparents was the hill in their backyard. We would all grab a crazy carpet or the one long, red toboggan and rush down the hill at full speed, not caring if we were getting cold or with snow down our shirts. It was such a blast! Snow by Demeter really captured and brought that back to me. The crisp air and smell of the wet earth underneath the foot of fluffy snow. That’s exactly what it smells like, and it reminds me of what was a very fond memory that I had forgotten for some time, but fills me with joy to think about now that we’re all older.



The other three fragrances I received are part of a Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition 1 oz Set and are equally as enticing! Log Cabin, Fireplace and Christmas Tree are totally different from any other fragrance I have owned and really bring the holidays alive. I love using them around the home for an extra burst of warmth and they tend to last.
Log Cabin is a very heavily scented wooden smell. It reminds me of a forest more so than a cabin but to be fair, I’ve never been in a log cabin. It is really ambient and leans more on the manly side, but I find it calming.
Christmas Tree is surprisingly my favourite. I have never smelled a Balsam scent that wasn’t overpowering. This one though is very simple and realistic. It really brings the holiday smell into the house. We never had a real Christmas tree decorated (always synthetic) but this fragrance absolutely helps complete any Christmas Tree.
Lastly is Fireplace. Another very woody smell, it gives the illusion of warmth. It’s so comforting and really reminds me of a winter bonfire, getting all cozy with a hot chocolate and my hat tight to my head. I enjoyed this scent too as it is very welcoming.
The most amazing thing about these perfumes is that not only do you get a light scent, but for most, it comes with a memory. Because each fragrance is essentially an every day object, you can so easily associate them with something you’ve experienced. It’s also really neat that each fragrance can be bought in a small, 3mL sample size to test them all out! A really great stocking stuffer idea and inexpensive! They are so rewarding to wear and completely unique. I will be using these around my house all season long. Very generously, I was sent all four bottles for review and not one of them was disappointing.

Have you ever tried the Demeter Fragrances?

Til next time, ttfn x


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