Icy Winter Nail Tutorial

Earlier this week, I asked on Facebook what everyone would prefer to see: a mascara review or nail tutorial? It’s clear from the title which one won so find your favourite blues and glitters! It’s time for a mini Winter inspired nail tutorial!
Step 1 after your base coat is a navy base. It’s no secret that I am OPI Obsessed so I went with a classic, I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw. I have just started building up my classic OPI shades like this and Alpine Snow. These creams are so opaque and bold. I really can’t recommend them enough. After two coats, it was time for another layer of polish but this time, a different colour entirely.
This is my very first Butter London nail varnish. I made yet another order at Sephora who does sell a selection of Butter London nail polish online, and saw this gorgeous glittery goodness. I thought it was time to expand and try a few luxury brand nail polishes to see what the difference is, but I am the kind of person that won’t just buy any old colour. With a 200+ collection of nail polish, I’ve got all of the ‘normal’ colours. Knackered by Butter London is a unique purple/green with micro glitter throughout. On top of I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw, it looks like the northern lights just exploded into your nails.


To add that winter touch I’ve been talking about, I pulled out one of my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tools. With the longer of the two brushes, I picked up some of My Signature Is DC from the OPI Coca Cola Collection. It is a beautifully glittery silver polish that compliments the navy so well. Though I really liked this look as a finished product, I thought it could use a little something extra. From the latest OPI Holiday Collection, I took Snow Globetrotters on that same brush and added a few more sparkles and snow.


It’s very easy but I am obsessed with these nails! They glitter but are still elegant and so mesmerizing. Plus, spoiler alert, they include ONE of my top 5 winter nail polishes coming after Christmas!

Have you tried any Butter London Nail Polish?

What other luxury brand polish do you recommend?

Til next time, ttfn x


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