The Holly Days are Here Again!

If you recall, my Christmas polish picks just went up and I thought perhaps I could do a few tutorials for some Christmas nails! I have 2 tutorials to show you (one of which may or may not be on Writing Whimsy) PLUS a bonus nail wrap suggestion coming. Are you excited? I am! In this tutorial, I used 3 out of 5 polishes mentioned in in my polish picks. Sounds a bit much but it comes off very elegant in my opinion. I prefer when nail art allows the colours and textures speak for themselves so they will be super simple but beautiful none the less.
Christmas is coming very quickly and I am so excited! Does it sound ridiculous that I am picking out my nail polish for all of the holiday events I am attending? Because I am! Saturday is my work Christmas party which I haven’t picked out an outfit for yet, but my nails are going to be decked out. Anyways, let’s get back to these nails.
Twinkle Twinkle by Sally Hansen as a base looks flawless and bright so I decided to paint 4 of my nails with this to start. I haven’t checked whether this colour is still available yet but I hope it is. As you can see, I have had this a while as the bottle is half empty! I can’t get over the gold shimmer in this varnish. Here, I used 2-3 coats to make sure it was completely opaque since sometimes, a red can come off pinker on the nail. Of course, I left my ring finger blank to make an accent nail.

Instead of the red, I decided to add in the gorgeous gold Love. Angel. Music. Baby. by OPIs Gwen 2013 collection. Since it is a matte and I will be putting a glossy polish on top, I painted a matte top coat on my nail at this point to make sure it lasts. Once everything is entirely dry, we pull out the tape!
To try and make this as easy as possible, I took a single piece of tape and cut both edges to be completely straight so that the lines were neat and even. Making an hourglass shape, I joined two of the tips together in the centre of my nail and made sure it was firmly sealed to my nail. I have had so many polishes leak under my tape and it’s not pretty so make sure it’s really on there.

Then, I grab Holly Days from Starrily (similar here)and try to mainly get some of the chunky glitter onto my nail for colour. It took a few layers to get this amount of glitter onto my nail. Once this polish is dry enough, I painted a top coat to seal in the colour and then removed the tape.

I love this design and it is super easy. It would look amazing with a dark forest green in place of the gold (or even in place of the red). December has made me fall in love with greens and golds all over again – perfect timing I would say. Let me know whether you liked it in the comments below and what other polishes you would like to see!

Til next time, ttfn x


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