Holiday Wish List 2014

I am a very lucky girl. Most of the time, I can buy what I want or at least get something similar. I have also heard that I am very easy to buy for and I can totally see why. If you give me something full of glitter though, delicious smelling, comfortable or a nail polish, you can pretty much guarantee I will love it (or a lovely little gift card from one of my many favourite stores. Perhaps Sephora…). However, I do have my eye on a few things specifically which I just haven’t picked up yet but have had my eye on for some time.
As always, let’s start with beauty:
The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation which I have had samples of and absolutely love. The colour matches me perfectly and feels great on. The problem is that I have so many other foundations to try right now though, I am not ready to buy it.
A million and one of these Annabelle Stay Sharp Waterproof Lip Liners would be a fantastic gift while we’re at it! I am trying to get more and more into lip liners but I feel like they aren’t very talked about and am kind of lost. Well, until Annabelle sent me a lip liner in the colour Java. I notice they’re on sale too so I may just have to add a few to my cart… (Oops, how did that happen?)
The Kate Somerville HydraClear Hydrating Acne Gel which was a miracle. I used a foil sample over the course of 3 days and my skin was flawless by the second. I have another sample and if I am still so in love with it, I may have to take the $78 plunge.
Becoming a Julep Maven would be amazing! As you know, I am a tad polish obsessed and to receive a monthly box full of polish sounds like nothing short of a dream to me. However, I haven’t actually tried a Julip nail polish before. Have you? Are they worth the price?
Speaking of polish, this Deborah Lippmann nail polish set is gorgeous. I really want to get into different brands of polishes for some unique colours and great formulas. I have been looking into a few luxury brands (which may be pretty obvious) but I would also be interested in some indie nail brands too! Again, send me your suggestions!
And here is… Well, everything non-beauty related:
Kelly Boots in Bordeaux from Aldo which simply make me drool every time I look at them.
A Starbucks Venti Cold Cup which I already have two of, but I use them every single day. These winter ones are super cute!
I have always had a vision of a baggy, comfy housecoat like this one from Victoria Secret to wrap myself up in. I am all about comfort and warmth when winter hits and this would be amazing! I have never had a full length housecoat…
To go with the many, many candles I have, I have had my eye on the candle sleeves from Bath and Body Works. They are so cute and would add a little something to whatever space they were in. I wish they had a few more generic ones as well as these adorable fall and winter sleeves.
This is a biggie, but I want to try the NuMe Lustrum Styling Set. I really don’t do a whole lot to my hair if I can help it, but I love having my hair curled and think these would be so handy to have.
This one is really random, but I love this Disaronno Versace bottle. Well, I also love the product inside which tastes like cherry Dr. Pepper – delicious. I am learning that I am a pretty big cherry fan (fun fact, I used to live on Cherry Street until I was about 5 years old).
Last on my list is a super big, super comfy blanket like this random Canadian one at Walmart. Doesn’t it just look like the warmest and softest blanket you’ve ever seen? Not really my favourite pattern but absolutely amazing? I think so.

What are you hoping for this Christmas season?

Til next time, ttfn x


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