Easiest Technique To Apply Nail Wraps with OMG Nail Strips

If you haven’t heard, nail wraps are incredibly easy forms of nail art which challenge gel nails for longevity. There are thousands and thousands of designs for just about every occasion and once you buy one pair, you will be addicted. Initially, I was pretty skeptical. The designs I saw didn’t blow me away, or the price tag deterred me ($15+?!) and for something I hadn’t tried, I really wasn’t into it. I thought “they are basically stickers, they will peel off quickly, will be hard to remove with nail polish remover, what if they stain my nails” and a bunch of other nonsense. It wasn’t until I received a pair of Sally Hansen nail wraps as a gift that I started to really look at them.

That was almost a year ago, and since then my collection has grown. Once you know where to find them at a good price point, with designs you really do want, and know the easiest way to apply them, you will be hooked. These cute snowflake/snowman ones (adorably named Santa Claws**) were very generously sent to me from OMG Nail Strips along with a pair of Lady Bug Nail Strips** which I will reserve for the spring. I have quite a few others on my wish list, waiting for me to use the 5 for $25 code (free shipping internationally, I should mention) or maybe even the 10 for $45… Oops.

The cute designs and 10 day wear mean nothing though if you don’t know how to apply them though! I have seen many different tutorials from some of my favourite YouTubers as well as some bloggers and even just reading the instructions on the back of the box. This method works the best for me though and these nails very easily could have lasted more than 10 days, giving you the most bang for your buck. I ended up taking the Santa Claws nails off around day 9 because I needed a change of scenery, but they were not very damaged at all by the time I took them off. I was pretty impressed.

For starters, I use two different tools. These little minis I had from another nail wrap set, but any nail file and cuticle pusher will do the trick. One thing most nail wraps say is to not use a base coat and depending on how stiff the nail wrap is, I don’t. The stiffer it is, the more likely I am to use it because it kind of glues it to your nail. These wraps, however, are fantastically movable and very easily grab onto my nail so I didn’t use a base. It’s important to figure out which wrap you are putting on which nail. To measure, I just placed the strip on top of my nail and see which would fit the best, keeping in mine that if it is a little too big, you can cut it away, but if it is too small for your nail, you can’t fill in the gaps. Very important thing to remember with nail wraps!


Typically, I rip my nail strips off of their line and put them in order of which nail they are going on just to keep them straight. Very useful if each nail has the same design so you don’t have to remeasure or end up using the wrong size on a finger. Peel the backing off of the nail strip and holding by the flat edge, remove the top layer as well. Then, line up the curved edge of your nail strip with your nail and firmly press on the centre of the nail wrap. If it is aligned perfectly, then the next step is to press the edges down using the cuticle pusher. This tool makes applying nail wraps a dream as it gives you so much control. The end result is very tight edged nails which in turn last longer.


Once the nail strip is firmly in place, I take the cuticle pusher and fold the wrap over the edge of my nail and gently push down. It will make the nail wrap rip over the nail giving the tip of your nail some extra coverage. This will make the nail edge significantly smoother than if you simply filed them. Take the remaining nail wrap off and very gently file your nail using only a downward motion as to not damage the nail wrap or pull the edge up. Voila! Your wrap is securely on and won’t budge for over a week.


I strongly recommend a top coat just to smooth everything down and add to their wear. As I said, these did last about 9 days before I changed them out and the only difference was a bit of wear on the tips of my nails and that my nails grew out a bit. Otherwise, perfect.
One more thing I want to mention is that I have noticed that most other nail wraps I have used are a pain to take off. They tend to come off in tiny chunks and get everywhere. They are sticky and annoying to remove which has been my main deterrent. That is not the case with these nail strips. They removed exactly like any regular nail polish! So OMG Nail Strips are a 10/10 in my books. Feel free to check them out at any of the links below.
Instagram @omgnailstrips

Do you prefer nail wraps or nail polish?

Which is your favourite design?

Til next time, ttfn x


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