My Last Ipsy Bag

It has been a year, officially, since I first subscribed to ipsy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen out of love with this monthly subscription bag, but I will be moving out in a month and started to critically think about my spending. What it came down to was: close to $20 Canadian a month for a surprise bag of makeup? Looking back, I don’t know.

There have been bags full of products I will never use, and just about every bag has one thing that is a little disappointing. There are many other Ipsy perks like discounts, contests and a community but as a Canadian, the products don’t always ship to Canada or the contests are US Only. Even though the bags are technically worth the price for the product, I think there may be other products I want to sink my teeth into with a $20 price tag.

Back to this months bag. With Tarte and NYX products, you can’t go wrong or so I thought. Let’s start with one thing I can’t say I am excited about: the Beauty Without Cruelty cleanser. Have I tried it? Not yet. I feel a bit hesitant because if I like it, I don’t think that the brand even ships to Canada. Again, the discount is US only and I can’t see anywhere on their website about international orders. The product may be amazing, but I wouldn’t be able to purchase it if I wanted to. I will only have this deluxe sample. That being said, I do like trying new skin care and this looks like it will be good for my oily skin so I will give it a try.

Hair products are not my strong suit. I would never say no to a new serum, shampoo or spray, but I will probably never use this Style Sexy Hair Blow Out Spray. My hair is usually au natural out of fear of it getting oily, and I use heat very rarely. The one thing I do go through is dry shampoo as you may have seen in my empties post. This isn’t a win or lose for me, and I would love to try the brand so I may find an excuse to use it, but it’s a product I don’t need.

The most thrilling product this bag had to offer – and I feel like most other ipsters would agree – is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara mini that everyone received. I have tried a few mini Tarte mascaras before which I did generally like so I am excited to receive this one. I may not be able to pull it out yet since I have about 10 mascaras to go through. However, a mini is perfect for my purse so it could very well be in my make up bag before you know it! Like lipstick, you can never have too many. I will use it and I will surely love it.

Can I be honest? I am not really a fan of the NYX Butter Balm. I have received a NYX Butter Gloss before which I really enjoyed so my hopes were pretty high. I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but I think the biggest let down is the constancy. I expected it to be slick and light like a Chapstick or balm, but instead it was kind of chunky (?!) and kind of thick. I am not a big fan of the colour either as Marshmallow is a very brown neutral though it is a lovely matte finish. Even the packaging was a bit sucky. The first time I went to roll it up, it wouldn’t. In fact, I thought that perhaps that was all the product you got. I love you NYX, but this product is a no go.

Last up is a Cailyn product which is on the list of brands I have discovered through ipsy (and actually like). I haven’t received too many products but I have enjoyed the Tinted Lip Balm quite a bit. The colours are really surprisingly gorgeous. This month, I received an eye polish in Orchid – a very deceiving name. When I saw this product online, it didn’t look like it would be the rose gold gorgeousness that it ended up being. My two tiffs with the product though: there is only about half a container of product and the shape is so odd that it makes it awkward to store. Both annoyances are worth it for that beautiful rosey shade.

The bag this month doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t care for the shape or fabric though it is a bit structured which isn’t a bad trait. Regardless, it isn’t my favourite.
Products offered: ♥️♥️
Products received: ❤️❤️
Bag Design: ♥️♥️

Til next time, ttfn x


25 thoughts on “My Last Ipsy Bag

  1. I ended my subscription but I was thinking of getting it back. It’s one $10 in the US so it’s not a huge deal but like you pointed out some items can be a little disappointing and quite honestly I’ll probably never use the hair products because they are not tailored to my type of hair. But I was surprised that I really liked my last ipsy bag which came with a brush as well. We’ll see how january goes though.


    Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams


    1. I got the crown brush in a previous bag and it was really fantastic. I ended my subscription regardless of how the Dec bag was, and i am pretty glad i did. The January one doesnt seem too special to me either but i will put that $20ish towards a Sephora purchase this month 🙂


  2. Great review! I completely agree with you on the Cailyn shadow – while it’s a gorgeous color and I like the product itself, the packaging is awkward and it doesn’t fit in the drawer with my other single shadows, so I have to store it apart from them, causing me to forget about it all the time.


  3. I don;t blame you for wanting to cancel you Ipsy for the $20 Canadian you pay. The only reason I keep mine is beacues it cost me $10 US and I feel like I get my money’s worth each time. Sexy hair makes some great products! I got the same Cailyn eyeshadow and I agree with you about the shade being gorgeous but the packaging is so unnecessary. Good luck with your move!


    1. It is a great option if you’re willing to try new brands and different products. There are usually groups dedicated swaping items as well. I just have enough stuff that it isnt exciting anymore.


  4. I only recently joined ipsy and I received my first bag in November which seriously disappoint me. I am happy with the December bag, actually used al the product and I really like the cleanser. I do agree about it being pricey, my subscription was for a year so I’ll see how it goes throughout the next few months.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  5. That’s my concern with subscription boxes too. Much as I love cool things, I’m extremely particular about where my money goes, and I can’t budget out an extra $20/month for products that I might not like. That’s almost half my monthly grocery bill! ._.

    Maybe you can sell the things you don’t see yourself using? Or swap with friends? :O Or do a giveaway / donate it to a woman’s shelter? (That’s what I’ve been thinking of doing with all the stuff I’ve accumulated. I need to live like a minimalist! 😡 It makes moving a billion times easier.)


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