Mini Urban Decay, Maybelline and Annabelle Haul

If you thought it was time for a haul, you would be right. Christmas has come and gone, but before the madness, I did do a little bit of damage. With all of the deals, coupons, discounts and product lust, I picked up a few things that caught my eye in 2014 that I just never bought. Most of these are totally new things that I have never tried but heard amazing things about, or have tried and wanted more more more.


The most exciting thing that I purchased is this Urban Decay Electric Palette. Cue internal screaming. I love funky eye shadow colours to the moon and back, so when this came out last year, I had lust in my eyes. Not only had I heard amazing things about UD eye shadows – which I had never tried – but these 10 colours are so vibrant. However, $54 CDN is pretty steep. No, it isn’t quite as bad as a Naked palettes, but eye shadows are something I really never splurge on. There are many other brands that have a better price for a great quality shadow: BH Cosmetics, Jesse’s Girl, Physicians Formula to name a few of my favourites. However, with my $25 off e-Card, I finally took the plunge. Obviously, this isn’t for those who are interested in a natural, neutral make up look, but these colours call to me. Which is your favourite? Mine is absolutely Jilted.


Staying with the theme of palettes, I picked up a beautiful Maybelline set of shadows. The Smokes palette is full of neutral shades leaning more on the cool, grey side than most neutral palettes that have been coming out, including the Nudes Palette that preceded it. I am not a big fan of browns myself, but these blueish greys are right up my ally. Though this is much more neutral, I have nothing else like these colours so it was super exciting to see a full set of eye shadows that I don’t own! Obviously, there are some mattes and shimmers in this set. I am a bit worried though since I swatched these and am not too impressed with the consistency. They seemed a bit powdery and inconsistent. Hopefully, when I actually apply them, they will work much better. I will absolutely keep you up to date when I actually use them!


To move away from eye shadow, I placed a little order with Annabelle when I was writing my Christmas Wish list. I noticed the self sharpening lip liners were $3-$4 off, so I picked up a few different colours: Vintage, Strike A Rose (adorable name alert!), and Berry. Annabelle very sweetly had sent me the shade Java in October. Before this, I only owned 3 lip liners that I rarely used. They were a bit dry and being pencil, got dull quickly. These though are so easy since they practically sharpen themselves and last so long. I find they work best if you put on a thin layer of lip balm before applying too just to make them a bit more comfortable. Perfection. And what would an Annabelle trip be without a Universal Medium Skinny Brow Liner? I haven’t run out since I have been laying off the make up lately, but a backup never hurts.
Since Christmas was coming, I held back in the purchases this month, other than for gifts of course. I did buy quite a few things but parts were given as gifts and so I didn’t include them. I hope you enjoyed this little haul! Much more to come.
Which UD palette do you love?
Til next time, ttfn x


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