Taking Out The Trash 2

Since I will be moving at the end of January, I have been going through all of my things and trying to either use them, donate them or trash them. It hasn’t been a long while since I did my very first Empties post but as you can see, I have used quite a few things in that time (and it is starting to overflow – oops). I warned you already that this is about to be really candle heavy and I don’t think I’ve disappointed! However, there are also a few make up, skin care and even a drink container. So without further ado, let’s take out the trash!

First things first, look at all of these candles. I burned through 5 three wick candles and 1 one wick to top it off. Out of every scent, my favourite has got to be the amazing London Calling Tea and Lemon scent. When I first sniffed this at Bath and Body Works, I really didn’t care for it. I don’t know what I was thinking but I did come to my senses (or scent-ses) and but it before it was totally gone. I wouldn’t say it was citrusy like many lemon fragranced things are, but it is warm and sweet but not sugary. Does that make sense? The smell is so powerful that it doesn’t have to be lit to enjoy it though obviously, I did light it and use it up completely! I believe they come out with it every year so I can’t wait to purchase it again when the time comes!
Moving onto another lemony candle, I had the Lemon Mint Leaf which is a soft minty scent. The smell really isn’t for everyone but if you’re a fan of fresh, minty candles, you’re going to have to try this. Again, I think they come back with this every year (but maybe that is just hopeful thinking). It is also an amazing kitchen candle as it is so fresh but fragrant. I love it!
If you notice, there are two Cider Lane candles from Slatkin & Co which I received as gifts. These smell exactly like apple juice and the entire time I had them burning, I craved it. There is one more one wick in my bedroom now but it is getting down there. However, it isn’t my favourite smell and it doesn’t linger very long. I don’t know if that is simply due to the light scent or because I don’t usually go for apple-scented candles, but I would love to see what other unique candles the company has to offer.
Ahh, Bourbon Butterscotch. If you recall, I ranted about how amazingly sweet this candle was. It smells like rich butterscotch which to taste, I don’t really care about, but obviously to smell, I loved. This was my number 1 candle this fall especially around thanksgiving. It is so warm and fills the entire room with the light scent. I had never seen it beforehand but I also never really go for the food scented candles (says the girl who has mostly food scented candle empties) unless it is fruit. I don’t know whether I will repurchase next year or not yet but I enjoyed it while it lasted.
I feel like I may be the only girl in the world that doesn’t like floral scented things. So many floral perfumes, candles, sprays and air fresheners are so overpoweringly strong, I feel like I could choke to death. Ok, maybe that is a bit overdramatic, but I still don’t usually like them. Bloom, however, is very light and smells like a less soapy version of the typical linen scent. We had used it in the bathroom and the smell was very airy and nice. It reminds me of a perfect spring day; the kind of light and breezy smell that comes in through the open windows when you’re tackling your spring cleaning. The name suits it perfectly.

Finally, to move on from candles, I finished up the Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappicino. For everyone outside of Canada, I am sorry you haven’t experienced Tim Hortons. It is simply fantastic. Normally, I don’t go for hot beverages but for this (and tea or hot chocolate), I make the exception. I got this December 2013 as a lovely Christmas gift from my beautiful fiancé after buying and buying and buying them at Timmies all winter long. Fantastic for any cold day.

Though I am not a big fan, I went through two make up wipe packs. I never feel like make up wipes really do enough but I do use them as like a first step to get off a bit of makeup before washing my face especially if I am wearing dark lipstick or a lot of foundation. Of everything I’ve tried, these no name looking makeup wipes are my favourite. They are actually the Balea 3 in 1 cleansing wipes which come in a reusable box. There are 56 wipes in a pack which is what attracted me to them in the first place but they are not too wet or too dry and don’t irritate my eyes. They really don’t have a smell and are frequently on sale for under $7 at Shoppers. Perfect!
The second package is the Skyn Iceland wipes which I got in an ipsy bag. They were so weird feeling but overall they worked. They felt kind of stiff and dry but they weren’t. They were also a bit oily but it didn’t effect my skin negatively. I won’t repurchase them because I don’t really care about them all too much.

Speaking of oil, I used up this sample of GLAMGLOW Duel Cleanse mask (which I will have a review of coming soon!) which goes from a clay mask to oil when rinsing it off. Since I will be doing an in depth review in the future, I don’t wanna say too much but it is very different from anything else I’ve tried. My skin usually doesn’t react well with face oils but it felt much more like a serum to me. Stay tuned for an in depth review!

Some more skin care that I have loved is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Though I prefer the Green Tea scrub which I use now, this has much larger scrubbing beads that exfoliated well and the smell was lovely. The price is right and I will absolutely be repurchasing this. I can pretty confidentiality say that St. Ives is my most beloved skin care brand from the drug store. I am really interested in trying a few drug store cleansers though once my Murad Essential C cleanser runs out so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

I’ve had his Olay moisturizer for forever, so I thought it was about time to part with it. It wasn’t anything special for my face, but I used it frequently on my dry legs. My legs are pretty sensitive and I can’t use scented lotions on them too often without them stinging or giving me razor burn so I started using this and it worked like a dream. I am sure at this point though, it is expired and does nothing so into the trash she goes!

Another Sephora Nail polish remover was used right up. Since I’ve talked about this before, I won’t go on much, but in case you missed my previous empties post, I love it. I think it was discontinued and I have a few new removers to try and report back on.

This shampoo, I loved. I had it for at least a year and it worked for me until closer to the end. I love the fact that it had the pump to help me control how much to use. 2 pumps and I am good. The formula worked well for my routine and the bottle is huge. I can’t say I noticed extra volume which the bottle claims, but I still enjoyed it. The shampoo I use now is good of course but it feels like I use a lot more than I had to with this. I will miss it but it is time for a change.

And finally, onto the make up. This empties, we have another dried up glitter liner liner. I bought this initially for for prom (almost 5 years ago now) to go with my dress. I am not sure if I ever wore it on prom (I will check for a picture though), but it matched beautifully and I wore it a few times before it dried. This was from Lise Watier which I own nothing else of, but have heard only good things. To go with this, I have the amazing Urban Decay Mascara. It hurt to have to depart with this mascara but it started to get flakey which I took as a sign to ditch. I hope to buy another full or sample size once I use up a few mascaras in my drawer. Lastly is this Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip balm. Though I do really like these, I have to say they melt in any sort of heat. This one, I took to Cuba with me this year, so I am not shocked, but others have melted while enduring the summer in Canada where it hasn’t been insanely hot. I am guessing it it the metal packaging, but either way, I recommend keeping this in the fridge or cooler if it is hot where you are going.

Finally, we’ve hit the end. I hope that you enjoyed this rather lengthy post! Expect another before the end of January! I am not bringing and trash with me when I move.

Til next time, ttfn x


16 thoughts on “Taking Out The Trash 2

  1. I love this! So good to know and I’m writing a few of these down for my next haul 🙂 I am also obsessed with the 3-wick candles I can’t get enough- but from bath & body works semi annual sale, I should be set for a while!


  2. Great post! I just started keeping track of my empties and I’m surprised by how many things I’ve been able to use up (although most of them are foils so far). It’s good motivation for me to help me get through my stash. I’m glad to hear the GlamGlow is more like a serum. I just got a sample and like you, my skin doesn’t do too well with oils.


  3. I am not a big fan of floral scents either, so your candle collection was right up my alley. I wish we carried some of those scents at my local Bath & Body Works – particularly the Bourbon Butterscotch!


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