Something Blue

Have you ever spent months and months obsessing over a colour? I am usually a girl who changes things up with skin care, make up, clothing, colours and everything else under the sun. That hasn’t been the case lately though. Since about mid summer, I have been craving all things blue. Yes, I did go through a whole ordeal with gold in 2014, and a few tiny obsessions with greens and oranges and reds, but blue has consistently been on my mind. With that being the case, I am thrilled that winter is finally here and I can break out all of the gorgeous blue varnish I have been drooling over. These are my best of the best. Here are my beloved Winter Polish Picks!

If you want to hear me rant and rave about Revlon, all you have to do is ask about their nail polish. My collection is overflowing with different shades and formulas but this stands out amongst my winter blues. I believe this is just their original collection, but this colour, Midnight Affair, is astounding. Very deep and beautiful with a bit of a glisten. I have had this for quite some times but it never gets old and is a glamorous alternative to a chic black polish. This deep navy with a true blue shine dries very quickly and requires about 2-3 coats to make it flawless. This colour reminds me perfectly of a dark, winter night sky which is why it has made its way into my top 5 for winter polish.

Since this is my winter picks, I did want to sneak in another gorgeous winter shade in. The season is all about sparkle and shine from the snow to the lights and this silver portrays that unbelievably. From OPI’s Coca Cola Collection, this is My Signature is DC which you may have seen in my Icy Nail Art Tutorial from a few weeks ago or even more recently on Instagram. This paired with Essie’s Hors D’oeuvres was my Christmas nail inspired by my favourite Christmas song: Silver and Gold but it was also a phenomenal New Years Nail option. It doesn’t take much to make this polish stand out on your nails with micro glitter and a gorgeous opaque finish. This very vibrant silver simply sparkles endlessly making it irresistible and part of my top picks.

It may shock you to know, though I am obsessed with OPI, my collection of Nicole polishes is tiny. In fact, I may only have 2 in my entire 200+ collection. That being said, I do love the formula and colours, specifically this beautiful blue, Rich In Spirit. I have had this nail polish for several years so I hope it is a permanent colour, because it holds a very special place in my heart. This very silvery blue takes about 2 coats, but it makes your nails glisten. Take a look at this combined with another winter polish pick which I am currently wearing and love! Doesn’t this colour just remind you of a cold, beautiful, sparkling snowfall?

The newest of my beautiful blue collection is this Julie G from Jesses Girl in the shade Rock Candy. As you may remember from my Sephora and Jessies Girl Haul, I do have another from this polish brand in Sugar Plum Fairy – a gorgeous silver and purple textured polish – which is what prompted me to order this blue. Obviously, I was not disappointed when it arrived. This nail polish is very much like the previously mentioned Rich In Spirit varnish except a touch more blue and the added shine that comes with it being textured. Unlike most textured nail polish though, this colour doesn’t look sandy or all too rough but gives the finish some extra dimension and shine. It also has some chunkier glitter mixed in making it more unique than your average textured polish. It is mesmerizing.

Last up is a unique polish that I had to get my hands on. From the 2014 OPI Mustang collection, The Sky’s The Limit is a deep blue with a funky gold sheen throughout. I had no interest in this collection when it came out and quickly passed it up. I convinced myself initially not to purchase any of the 4 or 6 shades simply because they looked so similar to others I had. Obviously, I didn’t look close enough at this stunning colour. Then, I saw the swatches pouring in through Instagram and noticed the gorgeous metallic gold shine. It wasn’t until I saw a whole blog post on the shade that I ran out and searched every Trade Secret in the area (and got a little carried away as you may have seen). I also wore this shade the other week (this picture does no justice to the golden shine throughout) and had a hard time parting with it. The formula for this polish is beyond amazing as it lasted me about a week without damage. That could be like other OPI polish but I usually never wear the same colour long enough to notice!

An honourable mention is an Essie polish that I always admire but never seem to wear is Lots Of Lux. There is a very sandy texture in this deep blue polish that I don’t love, but the colour makes up for it. It has a bit of a lighter blue sheen throughout that shines wonderfully.
Do you have a favourite winter polish?
Do you like blue nail polish?
Til next time, ttfn x


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