How I Saved My Skin

First off, I know more than anyone that my skin is not perfect. It is acne prone, oily, uneven and frankly, a bit of a mess. So you might be thinking: what am I listening to you for? Well, honestly, my skin now is nothing to what it was before. The two biggest downfalls I had were that I had no consistent skin care routine in place and I frequently touched and picked at my skin. No wonder I couldn’t remember what it felt like not to have a pimple! Skin care becomes more and more important as you age so the sooner you find a routine that works for you, the sooner you can prevent damage.
Disclaimer: I have no medical background and these are simply tips I found helped me put an emphasis on clearing my skin, preventing breakouts and maintaining a not-so-bad completion.
So, as I said, I have 3 main struggles: acne, oil and uneven skin due to scarring. My acne is mostly around my chin and cheeks with some scarring from my teens. There are many different things you can do to reduce the appearance of both of these things while also keeping your skin happy and freak-out free but people take to products differently so test things out and try new things! But, before the skin care products even come into play, I do have a few suggestions…

Picture from my Make Up For Ever Ink Liner tutorial.
First off, wear make up. Obviously, foundation and concealer are a bandaid for the skin problems you have and some can be not so blemish friendly so do your research. But I find that when I do wear make up, I am so much better at not touching my face in fear of ruining my foundation and concealer. An even bigger benefit for me is that I am much more diligent at washing my face because I know the make up needs to get off. Let’s be real, taking off your make up at night is very relieving. When I don’t wear it, I take the lazy way out and just slash my face with water and call it a night. It almost sounds like it is counter productive but as long as you’re using make up that works well with your skin type and you take it off religiously, wearing makeup works wonders.

Next up, skip the make up wipes and cleanse. Your face simply does not get clean enough when you only use a make up wipe. Cleansing is the way to go and one that will target a major skin issue is best. For my skin, I love the Murad Essential C Cleanser which helps brighten my skin and reduce scarring. Applying a bit to this brush I bought at Sally Beauty Supply, I wash my face and clear away any extra product with some water (and an adorable face cloth I got from my pal SpiffyKerms). I do find that sometimes, it is hard to get all of the make up off especially around my eyes since its a sensitive area so I use a bit of Coconut Oil and my fingers to massage it away. It’s amazing for waterproof mascara. Just an extra tip!


No matter your skin type, exfoliating is key to a smooth complexion but be gentle! If you’re too harsh with the product or use it too frequently, your skin can become dry and irritated. I look for anything that specifies it can be used daily or has micro beads as they usually are friendlier on the skin. I am hooked on St. Ives and switch between the Green Tea and Apricot scrubs. Once or twice a week, it is a good idea to use a face mask too. You know I am an advocate of face masks since they are my #1 fav skin care product and there are so many out there. Here is a sneak peak at the Glam Glow Duel Cleanse mask that I will be reviewing shortly! Using a mask has a handful of benefits from unclogging pores to locking in the moisture. Find out what mask works best for you and play around with brands and frequency (just don’t overuse it).

Moving away from the face for a minute, there are three body products you should look into to keep your skin glowing: a good body scrub, exfoliating mitts and a foot scrub. Most people forget that more than just the face needs some tlc. Whether you’re in need of some extra hydration or a bit of toning, there is something out there for you. As an acne prone girl, I do occasionally suffer with body acne so I always always always use the Murad acne body wash. It smells fantastic and works even better. Using this in conjunction with the mitts (which were only $3 at Shoppers so there is no excuse), my skin is very rarely dry. As for the foot scrub, I think it’s self explanatory but let me convince you anyways. Feet get the worst of the worst treatment throughout the day. They become wet, sweaty, dry, stinky, and dirty so daily care is a must. Normally, I look for anything with beads in it to keep them soft especially in the summer months. I don’t have a good product recommendation for this one so if you do, let me know. To be honest, I just switch between different brands and grab whatever is cheapest.

Moving back up to the face, it is always a good idea to tone. Again, there is a product to target every skin situation and some are better than others. However, all toners help to restore balance to your skin which is an important part of the skin care process. It’s also one of my favourites! Before toning, I like to do any eyebrow maintenance before I tone my face so that if I have any hair sticking to my skin, I can easily take it off with the toner. Just a bit on a cotton pad does the trick and you can see all the gunk that was on your face.

Moisturize. Your skin will be very upset if you don’t! Keeping your skin as hydrated as it can be will drastically help in the prevention of wrinkles and give you a smooth surface. We aren’t just talking about the face again! Feet, legs, back, butt, hands, arms, neck, face and just about everywhere else are all important. I try to use unscented products myself but it’s up to personal preference. During the day time though, it is never a bad idea to use something with spf since sun damage is not too fun. A quick note: moisturizer should be your last step so if you have any treatments or serums, use them before moisturizing. At least, I always do.

Lastly, a very important bit of skin that takes a whole lot of damage in the course of the day: your lips. Eating, lipstick or gloss application, kissing, breathing and talking can really dry out and irritate your lips especially during a cold or in the cold! Just remember that your two best buds are a lip scrub and lip balm. There are a huge variety to choose from and you can even make your own.

I hope this was helpful and had a few new little tips to boost your skin care. Since skin is constantly changing, I love playing around with different cleansers, masks, exfoliators, moisturizers and more so leave any recommendations below. I would love to see if there is something I can improve upon in my little routine.
What is your favourite skin care product?
Til next time, ttfn x


8 thoughts on “How I Saved My Skin

  1. So many good things! Careful not to over-exfoliate though! It can irritate skin and spread bacteria :). Sounds like our skin types are VERY similar. With that being said…whats your favorite foundation?! I have posts in the works both on skin care and foundations and while I like a few foundations I’ve found I can’t say that I LOVE any of them


    1. I really like the Revlon Colourstay and L’oreal True Match myself, but the colours aren’t perfect for me. Benefits Hello Flawless is perfect but doesn’t have a matte finish which means I usually have to touch up through the day. Let me know when you’ve posted so I can read about your picks 🙂


  2. THAT IS THE CUTEST FACE TOWEL EVER! It’s so adorable! I’m dealing with the same sort of skin as you, except mine is only oily temperamentally. I’ve only recently been using scrubs on a regular basis and I can’t believe how much it helps with spots. Great post!


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