Whatcha Think About Deborah Lippmann’s Party Mix Set?

Nail polish has always been my thing. In the dark ages when I wore no make up or very horrible make up, I always had perfectly manicured nails. It wasn’t until I discovered Sephora that I truely upped my nail game though. OPI has always been my go-to nail polish brand with Revlon and Sally Hansen being mixed in as well, but Sephora opened the doors to brands I really never knew exsisted (as I really had no interest in make up, let alone luxury brands). Slowly but surely, I have been building my brand library and with Christmas coming around, I had more than a few nail polishes on my wish list. Cue the Deborah Lippman Party Mix collection which was available at Sephora in December. It is long gone now, but many of the colours are still available online (and one that isn’t could very well be in your hands… Keep reading).

This beautiful set comes with 9 very different colours ranging from reds to purples with a breathtaking nude shade in there as well. December for me was the month of glitter which this collection truely offers. There are 5 glitters: 2 being quite chunky, 2 being quite fine, and another being a mix of both. Along side these glitters are 3 amazing creme’s that are classic and brilliant and 1 sheen that is no longer available, but is still beautiful. Have I mentioned I only own 1 other Deborah Lippmann polish before this set? I can assure you, the quality has me completely sold!

From Left to right:

Let’s start with the unexpected star of the show: Fashion. The second I applied this to my nails, I swear the angels sang. Creamy tan nudes just speak to me and this is the latest and greatest of the bunch. I believe it is still available as a single, so pick it up. It is beautiful.

Whatever Lola Wants is a sheer wash of beautiful powder pink sparkle. Over white or a baby pink, this colour would shine and it is also still available!

Honestly, I didn’t expect to care about this colour nearly so much. Let’s Go Crazy is a deep dark purple base with multi colour and sized glitters that I really like. Perhaps not for every occasion, but this would be a great accent nail or something cute to mix up your norm with.

This fabulous and fun magenta is what I plan to use all summer. Specifically, I see this being a perfect toe colour. It is very bright and opaque and the crème formula is simply perfect. I have no other words for it. This is the shade Between The Sheets which is still available.

This glittering purple named Good Girl Gone Bad is one of the two that initially drew me into this set. It is a dark purple with some subtle glitter intermixed. This is very sexy looking – maybe that’s just my love affair with all things purple – and can be worn with 2 or more coats.

This is the fun glitter, 99 Luftballons. It appears to have been limited to this collection but lucky for you, I have an extra! This beautiful red tinted multicolour and multisize glitter polish is up for grabs. More details at the end of the post!

This crème is a classic red. It is a little more orange than it comes off, but is still beautiful. It’s Raining Men is available online and would be a great addition to any collection.

Through the Fire is a stunning deep red shimmer shade that looks good with just about anything. It is no longer available, unfortunately, but is still beautiful. I am happy to add it to my collection of reds.

Lastly, Boom Boom Pow is a gold glitter that stands out as it is more of a soft gold than others I have seen. Don’t get me wrong, I love a super shiny, super noticeable gold but this is a bit more muted which I thought was really unique. It is totally different from any other nail polish I own (a feat, I assure you).

*All polish picks are 2 coats unless otherwise specified.

About the giveaway.

CANADA ONLY. Win a 8 mL bottle of the limited edition “99 Luftballons” Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Open until Feb 28th, 2015. I will announce winners in my March 3rd post as well as on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please enter below!
Deborah Lippmann 99 Luftballoons Nail Polish Giveaway

Til next time, ttfn x


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