January 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

This has been such a busy month. In only a few more days, I will be moving, my birthday is coming up and each day, we are a step closer to summer. It’s that time again to tell the world wide web all about what I have been loving and disliking this past 30 days. For the past few months, I was trying to wear very little make up but it has been terrible. I have just missed it so much. So, this month, there are a few cosmetic favs and unfavs on my list as well as a couple hair and skin care products. You know the drill.

In December, I received the Deborah Lippmann Party Mix and this little beauty was the star of the show. Fashion by Deborah Lippmann is a beautiful peachy nude which I have been so into. Not totally sure what has come over me, but the nudes and browns are taking over my life. Either way, this formula is to die for as well, and if you’re interested in trying a Deborah Lippmann polish, check out the giveaway I have going on too!

Staying with the nudey theme, this Make Up For Ever Lab Shine lip gloss from the 50 Shades Of Grey “Innocent” nude lip trio is absolutely amazing. I think the colour is D16 but it is a pinky-brown shimmer that is very subtle. Never before have I been so comfortable in a lipgloss. Not sticky or tacky, and it doesn’t slide all over your face either. It is not too thick and it lasts a good few hours before I feel that it is the time to reapply.

Unfortunately, this product is a bust for me. The Smashbox Photo Finish primer isn’t really bad, per say, but I discovered that my face gets super oily when I use this. I bought it quite some time ago after using up a sample of it from Sephora and I loved how it felt on my skin. That still remains true but my make up really doesn’t stay on well when I use it. It is unfortunate but I will likely continue to use it when I wear minimal make up. If anyone has experience with the other Smashbox primers, let me know if they are any different.

Last up for the make up, I have fallen in love with the YSL Babydoll mascara. I believe I got it as a Sephora perk but it has been living in my bag for quite some time. It gives you gorgeous lashes with one swipe. Super black with incredible length and it fans out the lashes beautifully. I am still debating whether it will be worth the price or not, but for now, it is a fav!

If you saw my skin care routine, you know I use St Ives scrubs every single day. My Apricot scrub ran out in December so I went back to the Green Tea formula. Though I like both, I forgot how fantastic this one was. The beads are much smaller than the Apricot plus it feels like a gel. The smell is great plus it calms your skin immediately. It is also very gentle so it can be used daily. For under $4, I completely recommend it.

Next up, this peel off mask has been doing wonders for my skin. My fantastic fiancé bought this off of amazon. Don’t know what it is called, but you get 10 packs and each has enough to do your whole face, though I think it is supposed to be for your nose. It has entirely cleared my skin of any bumps I had. After using it twice, my skin has become completely smooth and virtually black head and acne free. It is similar to the peel off masks I have used in the past, but when it dries, it becomes very tight. Pulling it off hurts but your blackheads, dry skin, dirt and everything else comes off with is thing. The hold is equivalent to super glue. I consider it a miracle.

This Ion Leave In Conditioner has done wonders for my hair. The smell is fruity and amazing which is great, but the best part about this is my hair doesn’t get greasy after using it. I never ever use conditioner. My hair gets heavy, greasy and disgusting. With this though, you’re left with soft, silky hair that smells fantastic without any downside!

Speaking of amazing smells, I don’t know why no one felt the need to push this scent. I have heard many things about the Batiste dry shampoos through YouTubers and so on. Everyone seems to really love the animal print scent the best – I believe it is sassy or something along that line. This scent is a million times better, and the product works heavenly, of course. I have a few new dry shampoos I will be trying soon but for now, this is my number 1.

Last up is the elf nail polishes. It could be the formula, it could be the age, it could be anything. These creme elf polishes have been horrible to me recently. With bubbling, chipping, drying out and being so difficult to apply. Some of them are so dried up that I can’t even remove the lid. They are just over a year old as far as I know so this is not normal. I have just about given up on them, but I have an abundance of these in so many beautiful shades. Then, whenever I go to use one, there is an issue. It has been very disappointing. On a positive note though, the glitters that came with the sets I own are amazing.
That’s the gist of it. If you haven’t already, check out the $160 PayPal giveaway hosted by the amazing Spiffykerms.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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4 thoughts on “January 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

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  2. I love love love the Batiste dry shampoo! I used to use the Garnier one, but that one didn’t work as well. Bought this guy a few days ago and it’s totally saving my butt!


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