Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Valentine’s Day isn’t something I specifically celebrate, but being a lover of hearts, all things pink and love itself, I do like to dress for the occasion. This year, I was pretty inspired and decided to do some ombré nails and a tiny bit of art. I am a little disappointed with the consistency of the polish but I think it is from the white ORLY polish I used. It was thick and gooey which caused some bubbling. I knew I didn’t like it but didn’t think it was the formula that was an issue. Either way, you will need a white polish for this look (and I don’t recommend ORLY).

The second polish I used was OPI’s Hey Baby but any medium to dark pink should work. A recommendation would be to make sure it is pretty opaque so you don’t have to do multiple coats per nail. A few tools I used were the Sally Hansen dotting tool from the I ❤️ Nail Art tool kit and a piece of parchment paper that I used for mixing. Any non-absorbent surface or container would work but I didn’t wanna have to do any clean up. Lastly, you will need some paper towel and nail polish remover, or at least I did.


After doing my usual nail routine and painting on a base, I chose whether I wanted it darkest to lightest from my thumb to pinky or pink to thumb. Whichever nail is darkest can be painted with the original pink – no mixing. You can either use your white or pink nail polish brush to mix and paint the colours, but whichever you choose, make sure it is clean. That is where the nail polish remover and paper towel comes in! You can also use an independent brush if you have one, of course. To clean it, I poured some nail polish remover onto the paper towel and gently removed any nail polish from the wand.

To start mixing, pour a few drops of pink polish onto the parchment paper as well as a drop of white. I tried to stay consistent and added 3 drops of pink polish, then increasing the amount of white I added. It ended up blending out pretty nicely with some excess polish left over. This is the formula I ended up with, but you can add as you wish.
Pinky – pink polish
Ring finger – 3 pink, 1 white
Middle finger – 3 pink, 2 white
Index finger – 3 pink, 3 white
Thumb – 3 pink, 4 white


Before moving to the next nail, ensure that the nail you did is completely covered and doesn’t require a second coat or you will have to remix the colours. If it isn’t opaque, give your nail some time to dry then add your second layer. Once all of the nails are painted, add a layer of top coat.
Once everything is dry, making a heart is simply a matter of dipping the dotting tool in some white polish and dragging down slightly to a point. Do this again, dragging down to match the two points to make a cute little heart. The ring finger is always my accent nail but the heart can go anywhere you want, as many times as you want.
The look is complete! I didn’t want to add a top coat over the heart in fear it will smear, but to each their own. I love how these turned out and plan to do a few alternative designs on my Instagram this week! Take a look if you’re interested. Also, if you’re interested in nail polish, my Deborah Lippmann nail polish giveaway is still up! Enter by Feb 28th.
Til next time, ttfn x


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