Battle of the Brands: Jesse’s Girl vs Bare Minerals

As you know from my fav 5 YouTubers, I am a big fan of Shaaanxo which is where I first saw this bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie gloss in the shade Hypnotist. I was innocently watching her make up storage video, minding my own business, when she got to her lip gloss drawer and pulled out the neatest gloss I had ever seen. I just about started to drool. This holographic shade looked so funky. Shannon has never lead me astray before so I went looking at my nearest Sephora for this gorgeous gloss. Just look at it! Like glitter, it’s so visually mesmerizing and unlike the usual pink glittery glosses you usually see. It’s actually unlike most other glosses I have seen.
That is, until a few weeks later when I was ordering a few things on Jesse’s Girl. The Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix lip glosses come in 3 different shades from yellow/green to orange/red. The larger variety of colours to choose from and price intrigued me to purchase two: Wicked and Tangerine. There are a surprising amount of differences between the two products but the bottom line is they both have an amazingly unique holographic sheen that you should absolutely check out.
Bare Minerals has Hypnotist as part of their Marvelous Moxie gloss line. This is the only gloss in the collection thus far with this sort of finish. In the tube, it is very creamy looking and bright! The colour seems to mainly be red and yellow with a bit of green running through. Jesse’s Girl has an entire line of different colours though none are exactly like Hypnotist. There is Red Dawn (red/orange), Tangerine (yellow/green) and Wicked (green/blue). The most comparable to the Marvelous Moxie gloss is Tangerine.

There is about a $13 difference here for the actual product. Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix go for about $4.99 US on their website while Bare Minerals goes for $18 US on However, I can’t find a seller for Jesse’s Girl in Canada, so there is a shipping cost of about $8 where as I can walk into a Sephora in my city and purchase the product for a little over $20. With shipping, the Jesse’s Girl glow sticks are closer to the $15 dollar mark if you just bought one though I would have a hard time not getting anything else!
One coat:
Two coats:

Left is Jesse’s Girl, right is Bare Minerals.
Wear/colour payoff:
Both do end up being a bit of a clear gloss when applied to the lips, but it isn’t hard to build a good sheen. However, I don’t like how white the gloss gets with a few layers. I will let pictures speak for themselves, but I prefer the thin layer look. As they are a gloss, you could wear them alone like in the swatches or with a lipstick. Alone, these two shades look very dreamy on the lips. But depending on the lipstick you wear underneath, the holographic shine really comes out. A deep pinky nude lip is my favourite thus far.


Bare Minerals, I am in your side for this one. Absolutely stunning packaging. The Glow Sticks use much cheaper packaging, and they do hold less product though not by much. A side note, my Bare Minerals lipgloss did end up leaking. I don’t know whether this is common, but it was certainly inconvenient.

Overall, I think that Jesse’s Girl Glow Sticks are the better option. I love the variety of colours they offer and the price is great too. Are these an every day thing? They could be! As I said, you can wear it sheer enough to be a regular clear gloss, but you can also build it up enough to wear to events like halloween parties. They could be very funky or subtle as well with the right lipstick underneath. They make a great addition to any gloss collection and I hope more brands come out with interesting finishes like this.

Til next time, ttfn x


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