Taking Out The Trash 3

Before moving, I collected a little pile of trash that I didn’t really want to bring with me to the new place. As it turns out, I actually forgot to take pictures and they travelled with me to the new home. Since there were a surprising amount for a month, I figured I would enlighten the world with my thoughts on these few products that I used up in January.

Skin care
Again this month, I finished off a pack of the Balea cleansing cloths. As you know from previous posts, I am not a big advocate for make up wipes because they don’t clean your face nearly as well as a cleanser would so I have decided against repurchasing these. To my surprise though, I have found a brand of wipes that I am instantly in love with – any guesses? I still maintain that I don’t want to use make up wipes alone to remove make up – especially at the ridiculous price for a pack of 10-30 – but they do serve a purpose and I clearly use them up!
This winter, I have been going through hand lotion like a maniac. Usually, i keep hand lotion handy (ha!) because my hands get so dry after washing them and that’s about it. That hasn’t been the case this month! With the weather and being outside more, this one which was in my purse didn’t stand a chance. I wont be repurchasing it because there are so many others to try and other than the smell, it wasn’t anything special. It did smell fantastic while it lasted though… It is the Fruits & Passion Orange Sanguinelli Hand Cream.
One of my favourite face masks ended up in my pile of empties this month and that is the Murad Clarifying Mask. If you have oily skin, this mask will work wonders on you. It seems to give similar results to the cult favourite Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment. It deep cleans, unclogs pores and seems to make my skin less oily with continued use. The only thing it doesn’t have on Glam Glow is the tightening aspect. Will I repurchase? After I go through a few of the other masks I have, for sure. I love Murad and will always go back to it!
Last up for skin care is the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. Toning is one of my favourite steps to skin care and since I was blessed with acne prone skin, I thought I would give tea tree a try. Honestly, I am not too sure how much this helped since I have always used this with a combination of products, but I did love how it felt. Will I repurchase? Maybe. I will be looking at other products from the Body Shop Tea Tree line, but I am trying out another Tea Tree toner for now, and have a few others on my list.

Make up
Let’s start with a bittersweet story. In short, I have had a stye for the past several years (yes, YEARS) which I just got removed in the process of moving. Though most of my make up could be saved, I went though and got rid of a few things that I didn’t feel comfortable using now that I finally got rid of the stye. Namely, I had to throw out my mascaras. I am most bummed about the Annabelle Big Show Waterproof mascara** since I had just opened it and it was a wicked product. The Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara is another fantastic product that was perfect for my bottom lashes. The formula was so lengthening but it did end up being a bit hard to work with as it got older. As for the Maybelline Colossal Volum, funnily enough, I had lost it a little bit ago and it was found during the move. I know I had been using it in April 2014 during my vacation in Cuba, so it was time for this guy to go regardless. I don’t think I will be repurchasing mascara for quite a while as I have 10 or so waiting for me, unopened, in my drawer, plus a million more I want to try.
Another coveted product of mine is the Marcelle Double Percision liquid liner that was clearly much loved. I have had it for quite some time before it dried up – perfect timing for the MUFE Ink Liner featured in a recent tutorial – so it was absolutely worth it. A matte black, easy to apply liner and for only $11? I will be repurchasing this little beauty in the future.
This MAC paint was a given to me some time ago from my mom who had tried it and just never used it. I am not into MAC enough to know the colour selection or whether this is even available still, but I do know it irritated my eye so I have decided to toss it. I will not be repurchasing, that’s for sure, but I may check out my local MAC for a few new products in the near future. We shall see!
Lastly, I received this sample of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion with a UD 500 point perk from Sephora in December. I only got one use out of it, but I loved it. With that, and Chelle from Makeup Your Mind’s picture proof that it works wonders, I have already gotten myself a small tube of it. If you haven’t already given it a go, it is so fantastic at keeping your shadow in place. No budging on these oily lids.

Hair products
This month, I used up the TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing dry shampoo. A more in depth review is on its way, but if you’re looking for volume, this delivers. The second product pictured is my go-to hair mask. I may or may not have mentioned, but I use as little as possible product wise on my hair – that includes shampoo and conditioner. I try and go 3-4 days without a shampoo and I never use a conditioner. My hair is very oily and every conditioner I have tried makes my hair even oilier. However, I don’t like going totally without since I do still get frizzy and split ends. That’s where this hair mask comes in. I bought it a while ago from FarleyCo to use just on the ends of my hair once a week or whenever my tresses got a bit dry. It works great, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. I think this is something I will be going the DIY route on in the future, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!
Next empties post will be a while away now. I enjoy reviewing so many products at once but I am sure it isn’t quite as interesting hearing about the same products over and over again. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for mini hauls and empties posts!
Til next time, ttfn x


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