Getting Muddy With GLAMGLOW

No one would be shocked to hear that I love the original Glam Glow Supermud clearing treatment. Who doesn’t? It was made for an acne prone, damaged face like mine. Plus, the product is practically legendary. If you have ever used it, you know exactly how amazing it is at deep cleaning your pores and smoothing imperfections. That’s what I imagined this new mask would be. Over the past year or so, GlamGlow has been coming out with masks to target other troubled skin including the Youthmud for anti-aging, Thirstymud for hydration, Brightmud for under eye circles and this Powermud for deep cleaning. I have now tried them all, and though the Youthmud and Thirstymud masks don’t target my problem areas as a 23 year old acne sufferer, this Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment sounded a little more like it.

First, a bit about my skin: I have very acne prone, not too sensitive, oily/combination skin. I find that my skin isn’t very absorbent and hasn’t reacted very well to oil in the past, which was one of my reservations about this mask. It claims to go from mud to oil as it is washed off. As always, I did cleanse my face before application using warm water to open the pores.

For $76 CDN at Sephora, you receive a 1.7 oz jar of product. I believe they have also come out with a smaller jar (0.5 oz) of each mask – excluding the Supermud – for $21 as well for those of you who want to try. One thing I will warn about these costly masks is that they can tend to dry out if you don’t use it fast enough or it isn’t sealed tight enough. They have definitely changed their packaging since my first few jars which could help prevent that issue. This sample I received from Sephora was enough for a single mask. Here’s what I think:


The first thing I noticed about the product when I squeezed some onto my fingers was the smell. It was unexpectedly delicious. It was sweet and perhaps fruity but I can’t describe it any more than that. In consistency, I did expect it to be a bit more like the Youthmud but it was much lighter on the skin and softer since it was without the exfoliating material. It felt a bit cooling as I rubbed it in which was quite a welcome sensation especially for first thing in the morning. It’s a great little wake-me-up mask to wear before you start the day.



Something else unexpected was that it dried very matte and soft finish unlike many other masks I have used. I was still able to move my face. I actually thought that perhaps this would mean it would mattify my skin a bit and help with oil – a big bonus. While I washed the mask off, it totally transformed as it said it would from the soft mud into a creamy oil. It was almost milky looking but very soothing and calming to my skin. It was a bit difficult to remove everything once it changed into oil which was more than a tad bit annoying. Half of my issue with oil treatments is how heavy they feel on my face and as I said, my skin isn’t absorbent.



The end result was not what I expected, just like the rest of the mask. Whether this is just in my head or not, I don’t know, but my skin felt much less oily though the day and silky smooth. One thing I have noticed about just about each mask is that my skin is much calmer with less discolouration and soothed acne spots. My hopes for this mask is that it would have really cleared out some of my oil, blackheads and acne which it almost did. As I said, the oil control aspect was a great surprise, but I don’t think it cleaned my skin as well as the original Supermud.


Overall, this mask worked pretty well, though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Personally, the price tag attached to this isn’t what I am willing to pay though it does work well to smooth out my skin and control my oiliness. I suppose I simply didn’t fall in love with it and, in truth, I expected it to be different.
Til next time, ttfn x

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4 thoughts on “Getting Muddy With GLAMGLOW

  1. It’s sometimes hard to find the ‘perfect’ product that works for your skin type. Glad this worked for you.


  2. wow this does sound promising. My only grudge with GlamGlow is they charge so much for products that never last long at all so it just never is worth the price to me. Also, I wish they were more naturally made. it does seem like it’s made a difference for you though so that’s good!

    stop by for a visit 🙂 |


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