Going Matte

Everyone has their thing in the beauty world. Some people are amazing with lipstick, nails, liners or shadows. Some people (like myself) also have the their thing that are awful at. The bane of my existence is foundation and concealer. Whether it was my technique, products, applicator or what but I was simply bad at it. I have been trying to improve since my eye healed, and discovered that it has a lot to do with the discolouration in my face. It was impossible to match a foundation to my skin. Everything I had tried looked too dark, extenuated my acne and looked a little too thick since I always go for the full coverage stuff. 


Now that I have discovered that a bit of green concealer covers up the issue, I have been able to make most of my current foundations work for me perfectly! The ultimate test now, of course, is a new foundation. That’s where this Rimmel Clean Finish Matte foundation comes in. Though I always complain about oil, I haven’t tried a foundation that specifically claims to be matte so I was interested in this especially at the $4 price tag. I don’t really prefer one finish to another, but anything that may lessen the amount of oily shine I get through the day is worth a try. I bought their lightest shade, 120 Ivory.

This foundation is first and foremost, quite thick. It reminds of a little bit like the Revlon Colorstay Whipped when sitting on the skin, but after some blending, it isn’t as heavy. The applicator on this is quite strange which made it interesting to work with. Since it is so thick, it comes with a stick attached to the lid which you can use to scoop out foundation. It is a little bizarre seeming, but it works for now. I wonder whether a time will come when you have a quarter bottle of foundation left that it cannot reach though… That’s more than a little bit annoying.

The colour is a little more on the orange side of things but with some colour correction which you can get in a primer such as the Stila One Step Correct or concealer like I am using, it matched my skin pretty well. I tried with a sponge applicator on one side and a brush on the other, and determined that the sponge gave a much heavier coverage. Personally, I prefer the brush as it was a bit more comfortable to wear. Overall, it wasn’t the most comfortable foundation I have ever worn, but I quite like how it looks. As you can see, it did settle a little bit into the crevices around my nose but that is pretty typical for me so I am not too concerned.

The finish is totally matte and I realized how not used to it I am! It did extenuate some dryness but that’s nothing a little bit of setting spray couldn’t help. If you do have dry skin though, this would not be the foundation for you. As I said, pretty full coverage. I didn’t take a picture, but it did react well with my concealers and powder too (pictured) and I had no big issues throughout the day with it. I am sad to report though that I did still get pretty slick through the day – perhaps even more than usual.

All in all, I probably wont pick up this product again as I wasn’t overly impressed with it. It wasn’t very comfortable, the applicator which may or may not be annoying and there are so many more foundations out there to try! Out of Rimmel’s foundations that I have tried, I much prefer this to the Wake Me Up foundation that everyone seems to rave about. What drugstore foundation do you love?

Til next time, ttfn x


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