Cinderella Nail Art

Disney princesses are my most beloved characters. Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella of course, and all of the others, are the most flawless cartoons ever created. Coming out this week is Cinderella, which I really am not so thrilled about, but Disney x MAC is something to be excited about. 

When I saw the collection and heard about the movie, I was inspired. Though I didn’t want any of the products particularly, the packaging is truly beautiful. A light blue with pearlescent pink. Honestly, I was more inspired by the cartoon version from 1950 but that’s not that point. These nails don’t match either in colour, but it reminded me of when Cinderella was transformed from rags to her ball gown, glass slippers and all. 

I started with a base coat, then Rimmels Mind The Gap, Victoria all over the nails. I have gotten so many compliments on this colour but it seriously smells. I don’t know why, as my other Rimmel polish doesn’t, but for whatever reason, it gives off some serious stink. It’s still so worth it though.

Next up, the glitter. On the majority of my nails, I added an Elf glitter only to the right side of the nail. For something special, I added a bit of a swirl on the thumb and ring finger. Had I given it more thought, I would have added a pearlescent polish to further define it but I still like how it looks. 

For even more umf, I stuck on a rhinestone that I had laying around at the tips of each swirl. A bit of top coat, and there you have it! Looking at it, it also reminds me of the classic Disney castle intro that starts all of the classic movies. 

More nail art to come! I have been feeling pretty inspired lately, and hopefully will get more content out these coming weeks.

Til next time, ttfn x


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