I Do Get Jealous

Let me start by saying, yes, I do get jealous, but that’s not what this is all about. This is about the Coffee and Coconut  Jealous Body Scrub**. I was contacted and asked if I wanted to give this scrub a try in exchange for an honest review. How could I argue about an all-natural, cruelty free, Canadian body scrub? I couldn’t.

Starting with the packaging, it is some of the best I have ever seen. They market this as a product to get messy with; take a shower with it and let it work its magic. The actual packaging is simple with their name on the front and instructions, ingredients and their links on the back. I urge you to read everything for yourself, since it is quite amusing. I know that isn’t the point, but it is so spot on that I had to start with that.

Once I opened it up, the air was filled with a rich coffee smell. I am not a coffee drinker and can’t say it is my favourite smell but I still wanted to give this product a good try since I was already in love with everything else. Hair tied up, skin a bit damp, and then I was ready. Pouring out a bit into my hand, it took about 1 palmful to cover my face, torso and my thighs. Pretty impressive, I would say. It is very true that you get messy with this product but never fear, it is so easy to wash off and so far, hasn’t stained anything of mine (and I have gotten 3 good uses out of it).

This is a major exfoliator. It didn’t hurt, but I could really feel it while I rubbed it in. After doing most of my body, I could already tell my hands were silky smooth, which was pretty exciting. The coconut oil was so soothing and moisturizing that it just felt nice as it dried. I may have had a bit of a photo shoot while I waited for the product to do its thing. The recommendation was between 10-15 minutes but I just waited until my skin was dry.

When it was time to wash it off, I was shocked at how easy it came off the skin. My usual face and body exfoliators take much more effort to wash away but this stuff practically fell off. It washed right out of my bathtub as well which was a bonus. The only thing I had to really make sure it came out of was my hair. Since I used it on my face, it did get in my hairline a bit and since I wasn’t washing my hair, it got stuck in there. Once everything had washed away, I could tell my skin was perfectly silky smooth. I felt like my skin looked tighter and many imperfections were washed away. I was floored.

This product didn’t require any moisturizer afterwards, meaning that for a handful of the Jealous Body Scrub, I completely replaced my face wash, body wash and moisturizer. That’s incredible. The real test came when my fiancé, who has much drier skin that I do, gave it a try and had the exact same results. No body wash, face wash or moisturizer. This 200g bag which I have barely made a dent in is $17.95 plus free shipping and available at jealousbody.com. It took no time at all for it to get from Vancouver to Ontario and into my bathtub. 

One thing that I do want to warn about is if you haven’t tried any of these products before, do a patch test. For example, I already knew that coconut oil can make me break out so I took a few precautionary steps afterwards to try and prevent it. It isn’t an everyday use kind of thing as it is exfoliating but 2-3 times a week is perfect. I tend to use it on my hair washing days – except for this first time of course.

I will absolutely be purchasing this once I am out, and am looking forward to any other products they come out with. The results are fantastic. I will try and take a before/after picture for Instagram at some point to try and showcase how brilliant it works, but you may just want to feel it for yourself!

A few of my blog buddies have raved about this product too:

Chelle who is also hosting a giveaway for a bag of Jealous Body Scrub!



Til next time, ttfn x


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