A New Dry Shampoo?

While browsing the grocery store aisles a week or so ago, I came across this new product from Herbal Essences. What truly tempted me was the price – $3.99 or so – for a voluminous dry shampoo. Most that I have seen, whether they are good or not, have been at least in the $6-$8 range, while some go up to even $20. So, into my cart went the Herbal Essences Body Envy Instant Clean Dry Shampoo. Boasting of a “uplifting citrus scent” and a “lightweight, fresh feel”, this 140g product sounded pretty good.

The only troublesome sounding thing was the little badge on it saying “clean feel 1st day”. I am a very oily person, but even I don’t have greasy hair the same day I wash it. Who doesn’t have clean hair the first say they wash it? Sounds a little bit silly to me. Despite that, I wanted to really put this stuff to the test.

My day 3 hair – no product or dry shampoo added. Pretty gross looking. Like I said, I wanted to really give this thing a test. The smell was my first clue as to how this product would be. I wouldn’t say it was citrus or even all that great. It smelled like a chemical orange hair spray, which I don’t really want to smell like personally. But, something I would deal with if it worked amazingly.

Next was the disgusting product buildup. I have heard of dry shampoo looking dusty in darker hair but haven’t experienced it before. I can’t imagine that this is what it looks like though. It makes my hair look dry and flaky. I assumed that once I gave my hair a good rub with my fingers and a brush through, that the product would disperse more evenly but it seemed to separate into small flakes.

Lastly, how my hair felt which was probably the worst part of this whole experience. This stuff felt like I sprayed a whole lot of extra hold, extra sticky hair spray in it. It was not movable or lightweight in the slightest. It gave the tiniest amount of volume and made my strands look less separated, but at a much greater cost than it was worth.

I suppose it did make my hair a tiny bit less greasy and a tiny bit more voluminous, but it make it look so much worse in my opinion than oiliness ever could. I couldn’t even work with it afterwards so it just went right up into a pony tail until I could wash it when I got home. There is still a whole lot of product left, but I think this is going to go directly into the garbage.

The verdict? Never ever again. I can’t find an actual pro for this product. I could try it on first day hair for a bit of volume, but after the product dandruff and stiffness, I really don’t want to. 

Til next time, ttfn x


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