Whatcha Think About Ole Henriksen Cleansing Cloths?

Remember when I completely bashed make up wipes because nothing was quite as good as actually cleaning your face with a cleanser? I take it back. Oh man, do I ever take it back.


While browsing Sephora as I frequently do, I picked up the Sephora Favourites: Skin Cleanse To Go pack for $22 (a $60 value). I didn’t expect anything in it to change my life, but I already knew I enjoyed several of the products so the price tag was worth it. Inside was the 10 pack of Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths which claim to be Pore Refining. Honestly, I thought all make up wipes were made equal so I didn’t take a good look at what these were actually supposed to do before using them or else I might have been a bit more excited. This little 10 pack of clothes turned my skin care world around.


Let’s start with the smell: it’s refreshing and not too strong which is always a plus. Each of the three types of cleansing clothes produced have a different scent but this one specifically is a bit minty. The real show stopper is the texture of these cloths. I was looking to these one night when I was away from home and wanted to get into my comfy clothes. Once I touched my face with one of these things with the intent of removing some make up, it was a whole other ball game. These little babies exfoliate and not only that, but they do it better than any other product I have used in my entire life. It felt like a mini peel but it took less than a minute. Just a gentle rub all over your face and suddenly, you have totally refreshed your skin. It is phenomenal.


Since the first go was such a success, I thought it was worth it to try one of their other options since this is NOT an everyday use kind of deal. In the travel section of the Sephora website, there was a duo which included the Ole Henriksen Cleaning Truth Cleansing Cloths and the cleanser which made their way into my cart. These are much different than the others. Extremely soft, deliciously citrus scented cloths that do the trick for the day to day removal of dirt and make up. They are specifically made for brightening the skin but honestly, I used them more for simply cleaning my face off and didn’t notice much difference.

The funny thing is that the one thing I assumed all cleansing wipes were for made for is make up removal but that’s the one wipe I haven’t tried yet from Ole Henriksen. The Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cleaning Cloths are made with a gentle make up remover and I am sure, like the other two, they smell heavenly. I am semi-interested in trying these out since I have been so impressed with the Ole Henriksen cloths I have tried so far. Has anyone else tried them? I would love to hear what you think!

The 10 packs are priced at $10 while the 30 packs are only $19 per pack – I know what I am going for!  I still stand behind the whole cleaning your face with a cleanser, but I think there is a place for wipes too. There is a pack available through Sephora that has a 10pk of each for $22 as well which gives you the oppritunity to try them all!

Til next time, ttfn x


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