Try This Pin: Simple Graphic Nails

Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration for nails, hair, clothes, DIY and home décor, hands down. When I want to do something new or spruce up an area or look, all I have to do is check out my boards. As you know from my nail polish addiction and frequent nail polish posts, I am a big fan of nail art. I have been seeing a whole lot of gorgeous and simple nail looks lately that I want to recreate and Amy-fy, and so this new blog series was born.

I have seen this simple nail art all over lately so I thought I would put my own twist on things and try it myself. Before we start, I am not super great at steady handed work so I had a bit of a challenge, but I like how they turned out and even though they aren’t anything crazy, they stood out beautifully.



Firstly, I painted a neutral base on OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa – one of my major fav’s from last year. After 2 coats and a top coat, I pulled out an art detailer polish I bought from Shoppers. It is the Quo by Orly Instant Artist polish. It has a incredibly thin and stiff brush perfect for this kind of detailing.


The trick with this was trying to get enough polish and a straight(ish) line. I also wanted to go in all kinds of directions so I just went for it. I decided against a top coat after the black polish as I was afraid of bleeding (which black tends to do). 


The colours can be switched around and the designs are endless. I decided to keep it simple with 2 lines per nail except for my accent nail with 3. The thinner the line, the better it looked I thought but being quite the amateur, my lines varied quite a bit. It still turned out lovely though!

Til next time, ttfn x


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