Battle of the Brands: Fresh vs Maybelline

Have you ever been in need of both a lip balm and gorgeously pigmented colour?
These two products have gotten a whole lot of love over the past while, and I thought I would buy in to the craze. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are still widely known and come in a huge variety of colours and treatments. I already am a huge lover of the tinted balms and have even gone through a couple – a rare thing for lip products. The Maybelline Dr. Rescue Baby Lips, however, I didn’t get into until very recently. In fact, my lovely fiancé had first purchased it and passed it on to me to try since she didn’t realize it was tinted.

The summer is when I use the tinted lip balms the most especially if they have some extra SPF in them. Keeping my lips protected while having a touch of colour and a nice glossy finish just yells summer look to me. The original Baby Lip’s do have an SPF of 20 – though this Dr. Rescue Baby Lips does not have SPF. It is medicated if you’re dealing with the after math of a sun burn or intense winds. The Fresh Sugar lip balm does contain an SPF of 15 for that bit of sun protection.

Selection: The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments come in at least 13 shades from their untinted balm to nude to peachy to pink to red to plum. They have only one formula and finish which is glossy. However, the Maybelline Baby Lips come in 4 different formulas: The Baby Lips Crystal which contains some glitter, Baby Lips Dr. Rescue like I have shown which is medicated, the Baby Lips Electro which include a variety of neon colours to choose from and lastly, the original Baby Lips. Each of these have 6 different shades in a much wider variety of colour including a yellow and green in their Electro line. Not sure how nice they look…

Price: The price gap here is huge with the Baby Lips coming in around $5 for 0.16 oz and the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments being $26 for 0.15 oz. Though they are similar, you do pay for the quality in this product.


Wear/colour payoff: Here is where the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments outweigh the Maybelline Baby Lips by far. Though they both feel good on the lips with the Baby Lips having a bit of a minty, healing feel, they look entirely different. Pictures say a thousand words so here are they two products swatched side by side. They are different colours – on the Left is Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Just Peachy and the right is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal.


I am kind of grossed out by how the Baby Lips look on my lips to be honest. All of the colour sinks into every line and really show how chapped my lips are. That’s very unappealing since this formula is for healing your lips. I would not go out in public wearing this so why would I want it tinted? The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment does make my lips much softer looking with a soft wash of colour and shine which is exactly what I want.



Packaging: I am sure most of you would agree that Fresh wins this argument too however, I have experienced somewhat of a tragedy with one of my many shades of Sugar Lip Treatments. Not thinking, I brought one of these to Cuba with me and with the packaging being tin and it being quite warm, it melted and made a lovely red mess. For a balm with SPF, it isn’t too hot in the warm weather. In terms of looks though, I think it is much sleeker and the twist to open lid is awesome if you’re just tossing it in a bag for the day. The Maybelline balm looks rather childish if I am honest. The wording reminds of the bubble letters I would doodle all over my note books in elementary school.

Overall, as far as tinted balms go, I would pick the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment every single time. There is no contest as far as I am concerned. However, if you did look at their untinted counterparts, both feel lovely. Having never tried the untinted Baby Lips balm, I don’t know if you would have the same gross look to the lips, but I would tend to wear clear balms overnight for healing.

Til next time, ttfn x


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Brands: Fresh vs Maybelline

  1. This is such a great side-by-side! I am actually a huge fan of the Maybelline’s Dr. Baby Lips balms in the clear spf 20 version for summer, but I do like the regular Baby Lips for everyday lightly tinted wear. I have never tried Fresh (really just cause I’m cheap haha) but now I am really considering it haha! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I am pretty cheap too but make up and skin care, I splurge on big time. The Fresh Sugar Lippies come in packs 3/$20-something and thats when I pick them up. They are smaller but you get mort colour options.


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