Battle of the Brands: Tresemme vs Colab

The discovery of dry shampoo has saved my life. Ok, perhaps that is a bit overdramatic but it has at least saved me a lot of time and shampoo. Even now, my hair will get very oily within 24 hrs of washing it but with a little bit of powder on my roots, I am able to go 4 days without a proper shampooing. Like anything when you have oily hair/skin, I will sometimes need to touch up during the day and that’s where these come in.

At Target before they even announced their closing, I picked up this Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo mini to replace the one I had been carrying with me before hand. At the time, I also had a full sized version so I knew it did the job. Little did I know, I would be receiving a package from FarleyCo with two little pieces of heaven: The COLAB travel sized dry shampoos in the scents Rio and London**. What a perfect opportunity to face these two head to head in a Battle of the Brands!

Let’s begin with my dry shampoo needs. Firstly, my hair must appear clean and less strip-y. My hair will kind of clump together when it is oily which I despise so I typically load up until I have single strands of hair again. Secondly, it must still be movable which means no residue, stickiness, or hair spray like stiffness. Lastly, if I can add some volume in there, it’s an added bonus.

Like I mentioned, I had tried a full bottle of the Tresemme dry shampoo before and liked it enough to buy a travel sized duplicate. It is very volumizing and leaves little to no residue but it isn’t that amazing at actually cleaning my hair. Still, I like it and have used a full bottle. A big con for me is the smell which is very similar to the Tresemme hairsprays if you’ve ever used them. They are quite chemically and gross. It also leaves my hair a tad stiff but I feel that it helps the volume is worth it.


The COLAB Sheer Invisable dry shampoo on the other hand is much nicer feeling and gives a similar volume without the smell. It is a finer mist which makes my hair feel more light weight while still holding the volume. I would say they are pretty comparable though this one smells much, much better. There are also several scents available through COLAB if this is a big factor for you. COLAB also has the added bonus of being developed by an Internet personality, Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends, which is always fantastic to see.

 The prices for these travel size products are pretty comparable with COLAB being priced at $5.50 through FarleyCo and Tresemme sitting at around $4 when I purchased it at Target. Both also come in larger sizes.

All in all, I prefer the COLAB dry shampoo since it feels very light and not as stiff in my hair. I am also excited try all of the different scents to find my favourite.
Til next time, ttfn x


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