Whatcha Think About BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil palette?

This is not for the faint of heart. This is for the bold mama who loves her colours.

Have you ever heard of BH Cosmetics? They are an extremely affordable cosmetic brand with amazing deals happening every single day. You would be hard pressed to find an object over $30 even amongst their brush sets. Youtubers and Bloggers alike tend to rave about their unique 18 colour Galaxy Chic palette which is what first drew me in. Check out that sparkle! But, their eye shadow goes way beyond this unique palette especially if you’re looking for some outside-the-box colours and options.

For example, the Take Me To Brazil palette with 30 different colours from all across the rainbow. You have shimmer, you have matte. You have deep and dark to vibrant neon shades as well as a white and black shade. The most exciting part about these eye shadows though is of course how pigmented they are. A quick dip into the pan and you have vibrant and blendable colour.


Swatches from second last row in order.

Swatches from bottom row, orange on right and yellow on left.

 I should warn you: you could have some creasing on your hands if you’re using these shadows alone. I would always always always recommend an eyeshadow primer any and every time you apply eyeshadow. For mom, you might want to get her the Urban Decay Anti-aging Eyeshadow Primer to fight off some of those wrinkles and provide a strong base for these gorgeous colours.


I am not sure whether they are available in store – they aren’t around me – but you can check them out at bhcosmetics.com & purchase the Take Me To Brazil Palette for an amazing $8.95 USD. They do ship internationally with lower shipping costs in Canada and the US. Believe me, you will be picking up more than just this palette!

Til next time, ttfn x


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