Step 1

Yesterday, I went on about giving your mom the gift of a flawless finish this mothers day. This product will definitely help out with that whether she wears make up or not. Keep reading!
If you’re an avid follower of the beauty bloggers and vloggers out there, you would have heard about this fantastic little product by now. This Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer** is making waves and I can see why! It is quite different than other primers I have personally used and there is one for every skin concern (even moms).

Lets start with the selection because I think that is one of the most impressive things about this product. There are 10 totally different shades which do all kinds of things from colour correction to brighten to mattify to hydrate. There is a little something for everyone with this line.
Though my typical concerns are ache and redness which would be combated by the Redness Correcting shade, I seem to much prefer a primer that is brightening and radiant. The fantastic thing about the 5 Tone primers is that they have a different shade for every skin tone. Though I chose the Blue radiant primer which works well for my light skin, I could understand why a medium to dark skin tone might look washed out using it. For darker skin tones than myself, they also have Pink (light to medium), Peach (Medium to tan), Yellow (light to medium) and Caramel (dark).

These radiance primers give your face a serious glow without the use of any glitter or added shine like a powder might have. It just immediately brightens your skin as you can tell in the swatch. Isn’t it fantastic? It shines right though the foundation to give a healthy and beautiful finish in just 1 step (haha). The only thing with these primers is if you plan to wear them by themselves, you will look a tad bit too glowy. That’s where the other 5 Texture primers come in!
Out of all of the Step 1 Skin Equalizers, I have heard the most about the Mattifying Primer. It is a clear gel which is meant to reduce shine. All of the oily girls and guys are singing their praises right now.
Next is the Smoothing Primer which has been compared to the infamous Porefessional. The purpose of this is to even out your skins texture and leave a smooth surface to work with.
The Hydrating Primer is meant to “restores skin’s balance” according to the Sephora website. Honestly, I am not sure whether that means it’s hydrating or not but there is also the Nourishing Primer which is supposed to “moisturize and comfort” your skin. These two seem pretty interchangeable to me but I am sure they would work well for any of the dry skinned mamas out there.
Lastly, which I have already mentioned, is the Redness Correcting Primer which is meant to neutralize any redness. I am itching to give this a try to see if it truly masks the discolouration I have on my cheeks and chin.

The other brilliant option that these MUFE Skin Equalizers is the ability to mix them together. If you’re a bit red and a bit oily, give the Redness Correcting/Mattifying primers a mix and see how it goes! Super dry skin could benefit from a mix of the appropriate radiance shade with the Hydrating or Nourshing primer. The combinations are endless.
These can be purchased at Sephora and come in two sizes: 1 oz for $43 or the Hydrating, Smoothing or Mattifying primers come in .5 oz tubes for $19. I completely recommend them for mothers and daughters alike (and brothers, dads, friends, neighbours, cousins… everyone).
Til next time, ttfn x

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