April 2015 Favourite & Unfavourites

Perhaps it’s just me, but I am getting a little bombarded with Favourites videos and blog posts between the 30 up until even now (the 12th). It is pretty crazy and even made me debate on whether I should post one this month at all. After all, with all of the reviews I posted last week, you probably have a good idea what I am going to say. Never the less, I do have a few mentions and 1 unfavourable product that I wanted to share so buckle up.


Just to get this out of the way, I have been loving the Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector wheel, MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer AND the Ecotools Eye Perfecting brush all of which were mentioned as mothers day suggestions & have full reviews. The only thing that I will add is that I have been using these every single day. As I mentioned in the Whatcha Think About… Ecotools brushes? post, however, I have been using a second primer to mix with and that is the Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting primer in conjunction with the MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer. Though I do LOVE that primer, it doesn’t give my skin as smooth of a finish as the Smashbox one does. If you’re looking for a silicone primer to smooth imperfections and pores while making your foundation and concealer glide on effortlessly, I 100% recommend any of the Smashbox Photo Finish primers. That being said, there are a few cons to them too. Unfortunately, it does make me a bit shiny throughout the day and this redness correcting shade doesn’t do a whole lot for my discolouration which is what I was hoping for. Still, it does the trick and I have been using it frequently.

Staying on face products, I have a blush and bronzer which I have been using quite a bit. Starting with the blush which I have been using over and over again but completely forgetting to include in my make up favourites is the Physicians Formula Nude blush in Light which simply gives a touch of baby pink to your cheeks. It is also pretty buildable if you need a little extra colour. The packaging is also very cute and I received a rebate when I bought it. Can’t go wrong.

For a bronzer lately, I have been using either the dark beige shade in my Lise Watier wheel or this powder from Rimmel. It is waterproof and as the name suggests, quite natural looking. For the price and blendability, it really does the trick when it comes to contour. It’s the Rimmel Natural Bronser in the shade 21 if you’re interested.


On my lips, I have been using the Annabelle Stay Sharp lip liner in Vintage with just about everything. It is such an easy colour and goes with just about all of the pinky pouts I have been wearing lately.


For my eyes, I have been using the MUFE Smokey Stretch mascara just about every day. It gives my lashes a lot of lift making them appear longer and much more open than some other mascaras. I will be diving into a new mascara quite soon as my Rimmel mascara is starting to dry.


For my eye shadow, I have been freaking out (tehe) over Freak from the Urban Decay Electric palette. It is a slightly metallic light green shade that can be played up or down. It reminds me so much of spring and I have worn it in about 5-6 very different looks so far. It’s simply gorgeous.


And the one and only unfavourite isn’t exactly a product but it is a packaging. I have a few Cailyn products which I received through ipsy and they are driving me nuts. From storage to application to sanitation, I am so annoyed with them. This lovely mineral eye polish named Orchid is damn near impossible to get out at times, the brush is ok but I don’t feel like I can wash it properly and it is so tall and odd shaped. If it wasn’t so pretty, it would be gone by now.

Lastly, a fashion item that I have loved this month is just a plain grey, soft Bluenotes t-shirt that I picked up at a thrift store recently. I have wanted to wear it with everything this month because it fits so lovely while being comfortable and versatile. I will take a picture soon to post on Instagram.

That’s all folks. How have you been feeling about favourites posts? I am starting to think that I will just Instagram things as I discover that I love them. Half of this list I had already raved about anyway!

Til next time, ttfn x


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