Try This Pin: Louboutin Nails

Being a little bit nail obsessed, I frequent Pinterest to look at all of the different nail designs and any new polish that I might be interested in (or pinterested, I should say). I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to nail art and polish of course, but I wanted to actually give a few things a try. So, without further ado, here are the super simple Louboutin nails I have seen everywhere.


Firstly, my nails had to be long enough to pull off the effect so introducing my long nails. Once there was enough of a gap, I painted my nail in Wet n Wild Black nail polish with two coats and a top coat for good measure. This is getting quite old but I use black polish pretty often. Any recommendations? For this look, I made sure to go over the edge of my nail so that there wouldn’t be a gap between the two colours. 


Using one of the newer polishes in my collection, I took It’s Raining Men by Deborah Lippmann and painted the underside of my nail. I was a bit paranoid, so I taped the edge of my nail first but it was very easy not to get polish on the flip side. In fact, painting that flip side of the nail was extremely easy and made for a pretty neat effect. 


In the future, I may tape my skin though as that did get a little bit messy. One coat with no top coat and it’s done. Perhaps a second coat and top coat would be a good idea though if you plan on keeping these nails on for a while as it did start chipping but I change nails every day so I wasn’t too concerned. 

Til next time, ttfn x


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