OOTD: Classic Polka-Dots

I do not consider myself fashionable or trendy by any means, but every so often, I put together a simple outfit that I feel pretty good about. Today was one of those days!

I tend to view my outfits as costumes or in themes. Does anyone else do that? Today, with the mixture of the white, black and red with some polka dots mixed in, I consider the look kind of classic.




On my face, I have very little make up. Mostly a base with some blush, bronzer and crazy lashes, all of which were in my April Favourites. My lips are a classic red, my favourite Red Rose from J. Cat Beauty.


My shirt and necklace both are from Reitmans. The t-shirt is simple and white with a pocket on the front. I love how it fits and have at least two other colours. The necklace is a silver heart with some crystals and designs. It is quite long which I like.


The skirt is obviously a black and white polka dot knee/mid length skirt purchased last summer from Sears. I always feel like I am in the ’50s when I wear it. It is flowy and cool for the summer.


Lastly, my red wedges are from Marks Work Warehouse. They were on sale for only $10 and were the last in my size so I scooped them up. I don’t often wear heels because I am clumsy and already quite tall, but I love the idea of a red heel and wedges are a bit easier.


That’s my outfit! I hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed this post, let me know whether I should do more!

Til next time, ttfn x


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