Orange For Anyone

Some people are afraid to wear colours that are a little outside the box. I am not one of those people at all. From Lime Crime Chinchilla to this gorgeous brown from J. Cat Beauty, I go pretty outside the box. Some people may not like it but I always figure: it’s just make up. It will come off. I understand that some people can be uncomfortable wearing something so bold but my suggestion is to try and find a sheerer shade or tinted gloss.

Today, I wanted to talk about orange lips. I didn’t know this was a big, bold colour since to me, it goes one of two ways: peachy nude orange or  red/orange. When I first started blogging in the fall, I did a similar post about my favourite purple lippies and gave a bold option, a bright option and a sheerer option. Keeping that in mind, I picked out 4 options: a glossy, a bold, a matte and a sheer. I hope you like one of them!

 Starting with the least “scary”, one of my favourite lines for sheer colour is the Maybelline Color Whispers. The formula is glossy and smooth while giving you a wash of colour. This one in Go Nude is a super sheer peach shade. See? It is barely there but you still have that peach glow.

 Next is a gloss. This was a limited edition from MAC’s Simpson collection. I was so enthralled with this when I first saw it that I ordered it right away (along with the nail wraps). Named Grand Pumpkin, it is my favourite out of the 4 shades. It’s glossy, it’s a very pigmented dark orange, but since it is a gloss, it isn’t so in your face.

 This one is a classic Lime Crime colour. Cosmopop is an intense matte and light orange colour. Though I agree it looks phenomenal on darker skin colours than I, I find it looks fantastic when lined with a pink lip liner. In the swatch, I have used Annabelle Stay Sharp Lip Liner in Vintage around the lips after application. Much easier to wear but still notably orange.

 The grand finale is this pure orange shade from Wet ‘n Wild in 24 Carrot Gold. Wow, is this shade bold. Though it isn’t for everyone, I quite like how it looks (forgive the sloppy swatch work) and will wear it when I feel like being a little more out there. It is the same idea as a classic red in my opinion. Just as bold but less wide spread.

This months theme for CBB was orange which reminded me to play around with the colour a bit more! Some nails, some lips and even a little bit of eye shadow. Keep an eye out for next months theme (which I am so excited about).

Til next time, ttfn x


6 thoughts on “Orange For Anyone

  1. I’m one that is scared by orange, although I was quite surprised when I tried a coral lippie a few years back – I loved it!
    Out of these 4, the Maybelline Color Whispers would definitely what I would go for. 🙂


    1. I tried to make sure there was something for everyone. Some people just aren’t a fan of the Orange lippie trend but the Color Whispers are so easy to wear. Thanks for commenting!


  2. AH! I love seeing posts on the theme, I just need a better job of doing them myself. The Color Whisper looks great, I just got my very first one so I’m excited to try out the line 🙂 I’m surprised by how wearable the mac is too!

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  3. The last colour is definitely my fav shade of orange. I have yet to go buy an orange lipstick – but I do know the exact shade I want since it was swatched on me at Sephora at one of the many Make Up For Ever events!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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