First Impression Night Time Skin Care Routine

The other day, I received a few neat little pieces of skin care in the mail: a serum, night treatment and eye mask. It was a pretty perfect opportunity to do a first impression post all about skin care!

One down fall I have to admit is that I can’t be sure of the long term effects of these products after only trying them once. However, I am able to give you an idea of how each product feels, the obvious pros and cons, and any instant success or failure a product might have. In other words, my first impression.

My night time skin care routine is basically make up removal, cleanser and a night time moisturizer or treatment as well as an occasional mask. This time, I am also adding an eye mask from VII Code which I will have reviewed in depth next week if you’re curious.

Since I wasn’t wearing make up, I skipped over the make up removal and went straight to a cleanser. I didn’t realize that the Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish was going to be more of an exfoliating product than a cleanser or else I might have tried something different. Either way, this feels very gritty and soft all at one. The beads are small and mixed in with a relatively thick cream which is quite lovely. My skin felt softer but also pretty tight after using this. The smell was not offensive and overall, I thought it was an ok product. Nothing too special.

Next up, a single serve face mask from Life which I believe is Shoppers brand. This one in particular is the detoxifying face mask with lotus flower and ginseng. The mixture smells warm, floral and fresh. The package is so jam packed with product that I can easily get 2-3 masks from this single package and they are pretty affordable. This mask warmed up when applied to the skin and tightened as it dried. It is one of the easiest masks I have ever had to wash off which was a nice feature and my skin felt quite bare after; stripped of dirt and oil. I like how it felt but didn’t see much of an immediate result.

As you know, I love my Vichy Night Detox cream for bed time, but I was sent this Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep from Chick Advisor so I wanted to give it a try. I was pretty excited to get to try another Vichy skin care product since they have never disappointed me before. This cream feels a lot like a gel and sits on your face to really moisturize. It smells like most of the Vichy products: fresh and pretty. It was slightly thick feeling and made my face rather dewy in the morning.

Last up, the VIICode eye masks. I will be reviewing these next week but from my first experience with them, they were cooling when you first put them on and found it was totally different than other eye masks I have tried before. Most are soaked in a serum but these have a solid gel pad that sticks to your skin. Overall, they are lovely but quite expensive too.

A few days later, and it doesn’t looks like I’ve reacted badly to anything! If you have tried any of these products, let me know. I will post a before/after shot on my Instagram for anyone interested!

Til next time, ttfn x


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