Father’s Day Gift Guide

I have never been very good at gift giving. I have also never been very good at shopping for guys. This combination makes Father’s Day a bit of a difficult situation. That being said, I did have an idea for a Father’s Day gift guide. My idea was to introduce to you my lovely fiance, Roxanne, who has a much better grip on these sorts of things than I do. So, here is the first of (hopefully) many posts by the lovely and beautiful Roxanne.

Hey Everybody! Roxanne here with the most basic father’s day gift giving guide EVER. Is that a good thing? Yes… because basic means easy and isn’t that a nice change? A lot of ladies find it difficult to find the perfect gift for dad (and if you’re not this chick, a congratulatory high-five is in order). Let’s get right into it.

I used to heavily judge the “gift-card”– it’s like no one can trust you with real money so they give you a card to assert some sort of authoritative control over your spending. As an adult, I’ve have learned that supervision with cash spending isn’t always horrible. You can get a gift card for almost ANY retail store now-a-days and even better, if your dad is a bit
tech savvy and likes shopping online, even Amazon.ca offers a wide selection of gift cards for their site. Whether it’s clothing or tools, giving a gift card allows your Pa to choose what he wants, which is always good for those times when you are TOTALLY stumped.


If you are not entirely lost and you know Pops likes to smell like a million bucks, cologne is always a good route. Studies show that most men do not buy their own colognes (guys.. calm down.. it said ‘most’). This is why even mens’ fragrances are typically marketed towards women. We usually buy it for them. There’s nothing wrong with that but maybe that will help you be more confident in purchasing a good scent. You were made for this, I believe in you. If you need some good starter scents because you are new to this, I’ve sniffed out some really good basic scents that hit a few different scent categories: Paco Robanne’s Invictus, Calvin Klein’s ONE, Hugo Boss’s Bottled Night, and my all time favourite, HIM by Hanae Mori. An honorable mention for Hugo Boss’s Boss. Hugo actually makes some amazing fragrances. I guess that’s part of being a BOSS. AM I RIGHT!? LADIES!? Anyways, Sephora carries all of the scents listed but The Bay carries some as well. If you shop around, you will find that Walmart has some of the same great fragrances for slightly less. I’d advise everyone to avoid buying fragrances online unless it is from a reputable store; cologne fakes are EVERYWHERE these days and there’s nothing more heartbreaking then paying full price for a knock-off.

If you’ve got a little more pocket change to bounce around, how about a watch? If your dad does have some watches already then use those as examples when deciding what watch to get. What size is the face? What material is the band? What colour is it? If dad is an avid watch collector, this task may be easier because he’ll either have a bunch of watches with the same characteristics, or he’ll have a nice variety. If you know you want to get a watch but still can’t decide, GIFT-CARD it!


Does Dad like wine? Get him wine. Does he like beer? Scotch? WHATEVER his drink of choice is, nothing says “I appreciate you for putting up with my adolescent years” like a big ol’ bottle of something alcoholic. The bigger, the better. If Pops is already set up with an alcohol collection that should carry him through the apocalypse, why not try getting him some drink-related swag? Check out the Chillsner by Corkcicle, it is definitely a must have for the summer.

A lot of ladies will go out and buy razors as gifts and although it seems like an alright idea, stay away from this. Guys look for very specific qualities in a razor and what works well on their face is going to be different for every one. Unless you know exactly what razor is his preference, try to stay away from razors as gifts.

If none of these seem good to you, make him dinner. But whatever you make or buy, remember to tell him you love him, because that’s the most important part of Dad-Appreciation-Day!


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