June 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

June was a different kind of month for me. I switched out my usual make up routine for something much lighter to combat the summer sun and I have been spending a lot of time working out and being outside. My favourites really reflect that as you’re about to see! If you didn’t check out my #WorkoutWednesday post last week, take a look for some of my fav healthy meals I have been eating all month long. Without further adieu, my favourites.


 I will start off with biggest and probably oddest favourite: the Kaizen Natural Whey Protein powder in strawberry. I have two major pros for this: it mixes very well into water and it tastes like strawberry milk. As a bonus, of course, it has quite a bit of protein and is gluten free. I am going to try their other flavours once this runs out (which will be very soon since Roxy and I drink it daily) and will report back if anyone is interested!

I haven’t shown my underwear on a blog before… but I have been loving my Adidas Techfit sports bra (similar). It just feels like everything is secure without it being too tight, ya know? I believe I bought it at Sport Chek about 2 years ago and it is holding up very well.

  I am not much of an accessory girl as you could probably tell from my last tag, but I have been loving these Guess sun glasses! I bought them a little while ago and haven’t stopped wearing them since. The days I do forget them, I am really disappointed and I have found that I am extra careful with them since they are my first good pair of sun glasses.

I’ve been pretty lazy with my nails this month but for a good two weeks, I wore this majestic combination: NCLA Light Years Ahead with Sinful Colors Let Me Go on top. This combination reminds me of a unicorn which might not sound like it, but its a good thing. On their own, each polish is quite sheer and a little boring but this pair together is totally awesome.

 Finally, some make up. Some of you may have seen my angry tweet, but this Nars Lip gloss is going to drive me nuts. It broke pretty much instantly after using it. I have only had this problem with one other lip gloss before and I am so disappointed. My biggest frustration is that this lip gloss costs $30+! I would have returned it, but it was in my Bronze Bares All box. The other two lip glosses – or lip stains? – are the Rimmel Apocalips/Show Off lip lacquers. I have talked about these before and quite liked them. However, this month, they were horrible for me. I found them hard to apply, messy because they never dried and kind of gross feeling. I haven’t had them for more than a year so I couldn’t imagine they are expired. I don’t take back what I have said about them though! They are very pigmented and stay put (if you can deal with the application).

Last up, the lovely Sephora Skin Perfect CC cream. I was shocked by how much coverage this stuff has, not to mention SPF and a great colour match for my pale skin (unfortunately, the light shade is no longer available). I also got it on sale for $15 since it looks like it is about to be discontinued. If you have darker skin (that’s the only shade left), try this out and let me know how it goes!

Til next time, ttfn x


3 thoughts on “June 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

  1. Even though your gloss was a part of a kit, you should still be able to exchange it 🙂 I had a product break that was a part of a kit as well (the Josie Maran one at Christmas) and they replaced it for me. How did it break?

    Great tip on the protein powder, I find they mostly tastes disgusting so maybe I will give this one a try (I don’t like strawberry though so it would be another flavour which hopefully would be good too).


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