My Messy Make Up Storage

Honestly, since I have taken these pictures, I have already moved stuff around. I am just like that and always have been. Specifically, I have moved my make up storage (and dresser, computer and all of that jazz) into my own little office! Roxy and I moved our second floor around a few weekends ago and she gave me my own space to take pictures, edit, write, get ready for work, do make up and whatever else I want! However, the layout of my desk is still pretty similar to what I have here.

 So my actual vanity is a really old wooden desk that my parents gave me when they moved a few years ago. Ever since, it has been my vanity. It’s in pretty rough shape but I love it. It stores all of my stuff and I never have to worry about ruining it with nail polish or anything else.

 On top, I have a small chest where I keep my day to day stuff. My mascara and brow products including some tweezers and spoolies. I also keep my deodorant as I am notoriously bad at remembering to put it on otherwise (TMI?).  Lastly, I put anything I am trying to use up: samples, make up that is getting close to expiring or products that are running low and in my head, I now have to race to finish them up.  Since moving my stuff around, I have divided this up a little bit better into mascara, brows, brow tools and products to use up.


 On the other side of my desk is the little Dollar Store mirror and all of my many brushes. They are sorted by size and use. Short eyeshadow brushes, tall eyeshadow brushes, Foundation/concealer brushes, powder brushes, and that container at the back is where I keep my dirty brushes. As you can see, I needed to do some brush cleaning.

 Then, my drawers are sorted into how I do my make up. Starting with the top left drawer, I have all of my open moisturizers, primers, sprays, foundations, concealers and powders. I try to keep only a few in use at a time but sometimes, I just get too excited about a product or I want to review it or it was a hand me down make up product that had already been opened and used.

 My biggest drawer holds all of my eye products: primers, palettes, singles, liquid and pencil eye liner, cream bases, false lashes and glue, pigments and a sharpener. In comparison to some people, my eyeshadow drawer is quite tame, but to me it feels huge. I hope to downsize it a little bit but eye shadows are not a quick thing to use up.

 My top right drawer holds my highlighters, bronzers and blush. I do not have too many of any of these and pretty much stick to my favourites but they are there if I ever feel like venturing out.

 Onto the lip drawer. Left middle holds my glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip pencils, liners and regular lipstick. The layout isn’t too great but it works for me. 99% of the time, I use lipsticks and I can see everything I have perfectly.

   The right middle drawer is hair. I use very little hair products so in here are mostly dry shampoos, brushes, headbands and hair ties. Nothing too interesting. My straightener, curling irons and hair dryer are too big so I keep them in the bathroom for the rare occasion that I actually use them!

 Bottom left is my perfumes, body sprays and hand creams. The smelly stuff. I typically forget to put on anything so when I moved my vanity, I took these out of my drawer and put them on my dresser so they are right there and I can put something on before walking out the door. My nail tools have taken over this drawer now with a bunch of cotton pads, extra polish (backups of my favourites), remover, clippers and much more.

 Lastly, my bottom right drawer stores all of the unopened make up, skin care, containers, travel sized body and whatever else that I can shop through when I run out of something or want to try something new. They are sorted into bags so I can just grab my mascara extras or foundation extras or extra masks. I have quite a few things to go through as you can see!

Under my desk is (usually) a garbage to throw out make up wipes, cotton pads or whatever else, and my bag full of empties. The bag is getting pretty full so keep an eye out for a new Taking Out The Trash post.

That’s my make up storage for you. It is all organized in its own little way. Any suggestions on prettying it up would be much appreciated!

Til next time, ttfn x


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