At Home Pedicures

It’s pretty rare when I actually drag my butt over to a nail salon to treat myself to a pedicure (or manicure). I can’t be bothered and I change my nail colour so much, it would cost a fortune. So my alternative which I quite like is to give myself a little pedi treatment at home.


 First off, I take a file to my feet. They are dry and always have been dry especially in the summer. Recently, I received the Amope Pedi Perfect Elerctronic foot file from and it has saved my arms. A manual foot file is not fun and doesn’t make my heels nearly as soft as this does. I do this pretty often before I shower to keep my heels decent. Before a shower, I also will remove any nail polish I already have on my tootsies to make way for my new pick. I typically go for lighter colours on my toes because it looks cleaner and is less noticeable when the polish grows out or chips.

 After a shower and scrubbing my feet a bit with a foot scrub, I do any clipping, filing and cuticle work that needs to be done. I love this handy little tool from Sally’s (similar) for pushing back my cuticles and cleaning my nails. I feel like it really gets everything off of my nail so I can start clean. I usually will take a cotton pad and nail polish remover over everything again to make sure any nail polish or dirt is gone before putting on some kind of cream or cuticle oil. To avoid having too much, I will take a cotton pad again and distribute it evenly on my nail and skin.


 This might be a good time to add any foot cream or balms. I have two that I will have tried: the Soap and Glory Heel Genius and the Flexitol Heel Balm. As much hype as it has had, I am not a big fan of the Heel Genius because I find it a bit sticky. However, the Flexitol heel balm is perfect: no smell, not too thick or sticky or slippery. 

  Finally, the nail polish. I always use a base coat but I will use something basic like this one by OPI. I don’t want anything strengthening, just something to keep the polish from staining and chipping. Then, my polish pick which this time is Deborah Lippmann Between The Sheets which was one of my Summer Polish Picks. Finally, I will add a top coat to make it last.

  That’s my routine. It takes me quite a bit of time but I can feel the difference. To make my pedicure last, I try to wear open toed shoes as much as possible and moisturize my feet before bed to keep them in tip top shape. What tips do you have to keep your pedicure fresh?

Til next time, ttfn x


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