Summer-izing Your Make Up Routine

In the summer, your make up should include the 3 S’s: Sweatproof, SPF and shine. I am not an expert, but being someone who likes playing with make up and has a pretty good amount of it, I figured I should pass on some useful products and tips to help summer-ize your look this season.

  I am not much of a sweater, but I spend quite a bit of time outdoors in the summer months. With the sun beating down or the threat of rain or if you’re heading to the beach or pool, you don’t want anything sliding around. Waterproof make up products are a must and the most important of which to me are my brows. The Annabelle Skinny Brow Waterproof liner keeps my brows staying put whether I am in the pool or out biking on a hot day. Another recommendation is the Rimmel Waterproof Bronzer. I am not a huge bronzer person, but this can double as an eyeshadow and a bit of a bronze glow never hurts during the summer. For some shine, what better time to have a healthy glow than the summertime? The cult classic: the Balm’s Mary-Lou Maniszr gives the most shine anyone could ask for.

  Sticking with make up products, I have the Sephora CC Cream with fantastic coverage. I recommend CC and BB creams because they are lightweight, moisturizing and usually have an SPF in there somewhere. Unfortunately, this one seems to be discontinued and doesn’t have SPF but there are hundreds of lightweight options out there such as the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream with SPF 30. Speaking of which, your lips need SPF coverage too. The Fresh Sugar lip treatments are great for adding a little bit of colour and protection. That sun can do some major damage if you protect yourself.

  That’s where the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier with SPF 15 comes in. To help with oil control and sun protection, this moisturizer is perfect for all of the oily people out there this summer. To beat the heat and refresh my look, I use the Avene Thermal Spring Water. It works like a charm and lasts forever.

I have a whole post about pedi ready feet, but I thought I would include this as a bonus item. The Flexitol Heel Balm is fantastic at moisturizing your heels. As much as people are weird about feel, you still want them presentable and not dry or cracked.

What other tricks do you have to summer-ize your look?

Til next time, ttfn x

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