Pre-shopping Haul

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I am heading to New York for some shopping this coming weekend. I couldn’t resist the shopping urge and went and did a little shopping this past weekend at Winners. If you are unfamiliar, Winners is kind of a outlet store with everything from clothes to home ware to exercise equipment to cosmetics to pet products and more at a discounted price. As you can imagine, I am obsessed.

 I held off on the make up buying for when I go away, but I did specifically want to pick up a few COLAB Dry Shampoos. I am extremely in love with the COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in Rio. They only had one in stock or I would have bought them all more but it smells awesome (tropical) and works so well. I like Batiste but have noticed how powdery it is in my hair lately. I don’t remember that happening before, but after trying COLAB Sheer Invisible dry shampoos, I am hooked. The second scent/formula I bought is the COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in Paris (floral). I smelled it right away and it isn’t quite as lovely as my beloved Batise floral one, but I will still use it up. These Extreme Volume shampoos from COLAB do give quite a good amount of volume which my hair always tends to lack as it gets oilier. Lastly, I needed some make up remover wipes so I picked up this 60 pack from 5th Ave Fashionista. They are dryer than the other wipes I have used but for $5, I am happy.

 A few of Roxy’s picks ended up in this haul so I thought I would show you! For bath products, I picked up a Tea Tree Oil Cooling Food Scrub by Earth Therapeutics to try out. I have only used onerous scrub product before but this was around the $6 price range and smells awesome. I am really excited to test it out. Speaking of which, Roxy picked up 2 new shampoos: American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover and uhaircare Volumising Cleanser. I have tried the uhaircare shampoo already and it is pretty awesome. It lathers which I prefer, completely removes all oil from my hair, smells fantastic and did create some noticeable extra volume. Lastly, the Pecksniff’s England Bath and Shower Gel in Classic which has one of my all time favourite scents in it: bergamot. It smells SO good and Roxy is excited to give it a try.

 I picked up a few pretty little things for my new little office area which will definitely be featuring in some of my future blog photos to pretty things up. I plan to pick up a few more things soon to add as scenery for my blog pictures and to decorate the space in general!

 Lastly, a couple of home things. Again with Pecksniff’s England, we bought a fresh linen spray to freshen up the carpets, couch and bed. We bought this scent specifically because it smells like Roger’s puppy shampoo. For the closets, we picked up GC Signature packets in the scent Bergamot and Coriander. Did I mention how much I love bergamot? Our house smells so amazing. On a more random note, there was also a wooden spoon on clearance that we picked up since we don’t have one. It feels really good quality and has a corner to reach into the edges of our pots. We also picked up a rather large painting for the living room (Which is not up yet but I will post on Instagram when it is) just to add a little something to our living room.

I will be posting another haul full of make up in the next week or so! Please let me know if you’re interested in seeing a clone haul too? I am still not quite so sure about fashion related posts…

Til next time, ttfn x


6 thoughts on “Pre-shopping Haul

  1. Ah funny! Pecksniff’s soap is something I always pick up here in California when I am at TJMaxx or HomeGoods, whatever that store is called.

    I still haven’t found CoLab dry shampoo around here… yet. Have a good trip frand, talk to you when you get back buddy!!


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